Ray Nazarro (1902 - 1986)

Ray Nazarro, Writer: Bullfighter and the Lady. Boston-born Ray Nazarro began his movie career in the silent-film era, where he often worked as an assistant director. He started his directing career in 1932, beginning with shorts and graduating to low-budget quickie features for Poverty Row studios. He alternated between directing shorts and an assistant director on features--often on westerns at Columbia--for years. By 1945 he fell into ...

Boston, Massachusetts, USA
(83 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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The White Squaw
The White Squaw
66 Apache Territory
Apache Territory
85 Kansas Pacific
Kansas Pacific
57 Return to Warbow
Return to Warbow
Montana Territory
Montana Territory
The Black Dakotas
The Black Dakotas

1964Einer Frisst den anderenfilm

1958Apache Territoryfilm

1958Return to Warbowfilm

1957Domino Kidfilm

1957The Hired Gunfilm

1957The Phantom Stagecoachfilm

1956The White Squawfilm

1955Top Gunfilm

1954Cesta na jihozápadfilm

1954Osamělý pistolníkfilm

1954The Black Dakotasfilm

1953Bandits of Corsica, Thefilm

1953Kansas Pacificfilm

1953Opasek na pistolefilm

1952Cripple Creekfilm

1952Indian Uprisingfilm

1952Junction Cityfilm

1952Laramie Mountainsfilm

1952Montana Territoryfilm

1952Rough, Tough West, Thefilm

1951Al Jennings of Oklahomafilm

1951China Corsairfilm

1951Cyclone Furyfilm

1951Flame of Stamboulfilm

1951Fort Savage Raidersfilm

1951Kid from Amarillo, Thefilm

1950David Harding, Counterspyfilm

1950Frontier Outpostfilm


1950Outcasts of Black Mesafilm

1950Streets of Ghost Townfilm

1950Texas Dynamofilm

1950The Palominofilm

1950Tougher They Come, Thefilm

1950Trail of the Rustlersfilm

1949Bandits of El Doradofilm

1949Challenge of the Rangefilm

1949Home in San Antonefilm


1949Renegades of the Sagefilm

1949South of Death Valleyfilm

1949The Blazing Trailfilm

1948Arkansas Swingfilm

1948Blazing Across the Pecosfilm

1948El Dorado Passfilm

1948Phantom Valleyfilm

1948Quick on the Triggerfilm

1948Singin' Spursfilm

1948Six-Gun Lawfilm

1948Smoky Mountain Melodyfilm

1948Song of Idahofilm

1948Trail to Laredofilm

1948West of Sonorafilm

1947Buckaroo from Powder Riverfilm

1947Last Days of Boot Hillfilm

1947Law of the Canyonfilm

1947Over the Santa Fe Trailfilm

1947Rose of Santa Rosafilm

1947The Lone Hand Texanfilm

1947West of Dodge Cityfilm

1946Cowboy Bluesfilm

1946Galloping Thunderfilm

1946Gunning for Vengeancefilm

1946Heading Westfilm

1946Lone Star Moonlightfilm

1946Roaring Rangersfilm

1946Singing on the Trailfilm

1946Terror Trailfilm

1946That Texas Jamboreefilm

1946The Desert Horsemanfilm

1946Throw a Saddle on a Starfilm

1946Two-Fisted Strangerfilm

1945Outlaws of the Rockiesfilm

1945Song of the Prairiefilm

1945Texas Panhandlefilm

1932Runt Pagefilm

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