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Rosalind Cash, Actress: The Omega Man. Rosalind Cash was an actress whose career endured and flourished on stage, screen, and television, despite her staunch refusal to portray stereotypical Black roles. Ms. Cash was nominated for an Emmy for her work on the Public Broadcasting Service production of American Playhouse: Go Tell It on the Mountain (1985). She was popular in other highly rated television productions, including the ...

Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
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82 Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones
Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones
56 The Omega Man
The Omega Man
66 Tales from the Hood
Tales from the Hood
72 Klute
67 The Offspring
The Offspring
49 Dobrodružství Buckaroo Banzai napříč osmou dimenzí
Dobrodružství Buckaroo Banzai napříč osmou dimenzí

1996Circle of PainTV film

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1992Second Coming, Thefilm

1992You Must Remember ThisTV film

1989Death Spafilm

1989Forced Marchfilm

1987Mighty PawnsTV film

1987Offspring, Thefilm

1985Go Tell It On the MountainTV film

1984Dobrodružství Buckaroo Banzai napříč osmou dimenzífilm

1983Just an Overnight GuestTV film

1983Special BulletinTV film

1982Sister, SisterTV film

1982Špatné je dobréfilm

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1980Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim JonesTV film

1979The Class of Miss MacMichaelfilm

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1976Dr. Black, Mr. Hydefilm

1976Monkey Hu$tle, Thefilm

1975Cornbread, Earl and Mefilm

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1972Novodobí centurionifilm


1971Omega Man, Thefilm

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