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Zohra Lampert, Actress: Let's Scare Jessica to Death. Solemn, Middle Eastern-looking Zohra Lampert had a touching, understated quality to her talent that should have gone further in the film business than it did. Somehow she never got the bigger breaks necessary for top-flight stardom. Still and all, this comely actress with soft, vulnerable features managed to contribute a number of genuinely ...

New York City, New York, USA
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Zohra Lampert oblíbené filmy

57 Vymítač ďábla III
Vymítač ďábla III
67 Lets Scare Jessica to Death
Lets Scare Jessica to Death
77 Třpyt v trávě
Třpyt v trávě
63 Krásné šílenství
Krásné šílenství
Alan & Naomi
Alan & Naomi
56 Učitelé

2014Sexual Secretsfilm

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1994Last Good Time, Thefilm

1992Alan & Naomifilm

1992Last Supperfilm

1990Stanley a Irisfilm

1990Vymítač ďábla IIIfilm

1989American Blue Notefilm

1985Izzy and MoeTV film

1984Cafeteria, TheTV film

1984Pravidla velkoměstafilm


1981Girl, the Gold Watch & Dynamite, TheTV film

1980Children of DivorceTV film

1980Girl, the Gold Watch & Everything, TheTV film

1979Suicide's Wife, TheTV film

1978Lady of the HouseTV film

1977Mixed NutsTV film


1975Ladies of the CorridorTV film

1975One of Our OwnTV film

1973Connection, TheTV film

1971Let's Scare Jessica to Deathfilm

1969Some Kind of a Nutfilm

1968Bye Bye Bravermanfilm

1966Krásné šílenstvífilm

1961Hey, Let's Twistfilm

1961Posse from Hellfilm

1961Třpyt v trávěfilm

1960Pay or Diefilm

1959Odds Against Tomorrowfilm

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