Percy Rodrigues (1918 - 2007)

Percy Rodrigues, Actor: Star Trek. A symbol of intelligence, leadership and moral strength in his various 1960s and 1970s roles, African-Canadian actor Percy Rodrigues rose in Hollywood stature during the late 1960s following a couple of earlier Broadway appearances. The serenely handsome, distinguished-looking actor also became notable for helping to break racial barriers on television and went on to become a voice of great ...

Montréal, Quebec, Kanada
(89 let) Indio, California, USA
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Percy Rodrigues oblíbené filmy

74 Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal
61 Požehnání smrti
Požehnání smrti
The Sweet Ride
The Sweet Ride
70 Captain EO
Captain EO
87 Srdce je osamělý lovec
Srdce je osamělý lovec
The Legend of Hillbilly John
The Legend of Hillbilly John

1987Perry Mason: Případ zlovolného duchaTV film

1986Captain EOfilm

1983Dívka k pronajmutíTV film

1983Zděděný strach ze smrtifilm

1981Andělský prachTV film

1981Heavy Metalfilm

1981Požehnání smrtifilm


1979The Night RiderTV film

1977EnigmaTV film

1977Ring of PassionTV film

1976Invisible Stranglerfilm

1975Hugó, a vízilófilm

1975Last Survivors, TheTV film

1975The Lives of Jenny DolanTV film


1974The Legend of Hillbilly Johnfilm

1973Genesis IITV film

1972Come Back, Charleston Bluefilm

1971Boy from Dead Man's Bayou, TheTV film

1971Forgotten Man, TheTV film

1970Old Man Who Cried Wolf, TheTV film

1968Srdce je osamělý lovecfilm

1968The Sweet Ridefilm

1966Velký Billfilm

1964Carol for Another ChristmasTV film

1964Trouble fêtefilm

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