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Melissa Molinaro, Actress: Command Performance. Melissa Molinaro is a triple threat performer--the Canadian is an accomplished actress, singer and dancer. In Honey 2, Molinaro portrays Carla, the HD Crew's petite beauty with the firecracker personality. Molinaro starred opposite director/actor Dolph Lundgren as music star Venus in the action thriller Command Performance, for which she also performed the song "Lost in Love" for the film's ...

Ontario, Kanada
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55 Honey 2
Honey 2
47 School Dance
School Dance
11 Žraločí masakr v Jersey Shore
Žraločí masakr v Jersey Shore
59 Těžký zločin
Těžký zločin
36 Balls to the Wall
Balls to the Wall
15 Zlatí spratci
Zlatí spratci

2017Frozen Peasfilm


2014School Dancefilm

2012Žraločí masakr v Jersey ShoreTV film

2011Balls to the Wallfilm

2011Honey 2film

2009Zemřít je snadnéfilm

2004Zlatí spratcifilm

2002Journey of Redemptionfilm

2002Těžký zločinfilm

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