Will Rogers (1879 - 1935)

Will Rogers, Actor: Judge Priest. World-famous, widely popular American humorist of the vaudeville stage and of silent and sound films, Will Rogers graduated from military school, but his first real job was in the livestock business in Argentina, of all places. He transported pack animals across the South Atlantic from Buenos Aires to South Africa for use in the Boer War (1899-1902). He stayed in Johannesburg for a short while, ...

Oologah, Indian Territory, USA
(55 let) blízko Point Barrow, Alaska, USA
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Handy Andy
Handy Andy
Business and Pleasure
Business and Pleasure
Lest We Forget
Lest We Forget
A Connecticut Yankee
A Connecticut Yankee
Happy Days
Happy Days
55 Hollywood

1990Babe Ruth: The Man, the Myth, the Legenda.z.

1937Lest We Forgeta.z.

1935Doubting Thomasfilm

1935In Old Kentuckyfilm

1935Life Begins at Fortyfilm

1935Steamboat Round the Bendfilm

1935The County Chairmanfilm

1934David Harumfilm

1934Handy Andyfilm

1934Judge Priestfilm

1933Doctor Bullfilm

1933Mr. Skitchfilm

1933State Fairfilm

1932Business and Pleasurefilm

1932Down to Earthfilm

1932Too Busy to Workfilm

1931A Connecticut Yankeefilm

1931Ambassador Billfilm

1931Young as You Feelfilm


1930So This Is Londonfilm

1929Happy Daysfilm

1929They Had to See Parisfilm

1927A Texas Steerfilm


1924Big Moments from Little Picturesfilm

1924Don't Park Therefilm

1924Gee Whiz, Genevievefilm

1924Going to Congressfilm

1924High Brow Stufffilm

1924Jubilo, Jr.film

1924Our Congressmanfilm

1924The Cake Eaterfilm

1924The Cowboy Sheikfilm

1924Two Wagons: Both Coveredfilm


1923Hustlin' Hankfilm

1923Jus' Passin' Throughfilm

1923Uncensored Moviesfilm

1922Fruits of Faithfilm

1922Headless Horseman, Thefilm

1922One Glorious Dayfilm

1922Ropin' Fool, Thefilm

1921A Poor Relationfilm

1921An Unwilling Herofilm

1921Boys Will Be Boysfilm

1921Doubling for Romeofilm

1920Cupid the Cowpuncherfilm

1920Guile of Womenfilm

1920Honest Hutchfilm

1920Jes' Call Me Jimfilm

1920Strange Boarder, Thefilm

1920Water, Water Everywherefilm

1919Almost a Husbandfilm


1918Laughing Bill Hydefilm

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