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Earl Holliman, Actor: Forbidden Planet. Louisiana-born actor Earl Holliman, after a stint in the Navy, studied at UCLA and the Pasadena Playhouse before earning his break in the Martin/Lewis comedy Scared Stiff (1953). He gained clout after portraying a variety of young, manly characters in rugged westerns and war drama, ranging from dim and/or good-natured to overly impulsive and/or ...

Delhi, Louisiana, USA
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82 Gigant
78 Zakázaná planeta
Zakázaná planeta
82 Obchodník s deštěm
Obchodník s deštěm
82 Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff
Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff
78 Poslední vlak z Gun Hillu
Poslední vlak z Gun Hillu
67 Synové Katie Elderové
Synové Katie Elderové

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1986Shattered If Your Kid's On DrugsTV film

1982Country GoldTV film

1981Sharkyho mašinafilm

1980Where the Ladies GoTV film

1979Good Luck, Miss Wyckofffilm

1979Solitary Man, TheTV film

1977Alexander: The Other Side of DawnTV film

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1974I Love You... Good-byefilm

1973Six Million Dollar Man: Wine, Women and War, TheTV film

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1972Biscuit Eater, Thefilm

1971Alias Smith and JonesTV film

1971CannonTV film

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1970SmokeTV film

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1969The Desperate MissionTV film


1968The Powerfilm

1967Covenant with Death, Afilm

1965Synové Katie Elderovéfilm

1961Armored Commandfilm

1961Summer and Smokefilm

1961Westinghouse Presents: The DispossessedTV film

1960Visit to a Small Planetfilm

1959Poslední vlak z Gun Hillufilm

1959The Trapfilm

1958Hot Spellfilm

1957Don't Go Near the Waterfilm

1957Přestřelka u ohrady O.K.film

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1956Obchodník s deštěmfilm

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1956Zakázaná planetafilm

1955I Died a Thousand Timesfilm

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1954Mosty na Toko-Rifilm

1954Tennessee Champfilm

1954Zlomené kopífilm

1953Devil's Canyonfilm

1953East of Sumatrafilm

1953Místo určení: Gobifilm

1953Scared Stifffilm

1953The Girls of Pleasure Islandfilm

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