Monte Blue (1887 - 1963)

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Monte Blue csfd

Sharad of AtlantisAdventures of the Texas Kid: Border AmbushApačThe Boy From OklahomaThe SystemHangman's KnotRose of CimarronThe Story of Will RogersGold RaidersSnake River DesperadosThe Sea HornetThree Desperate MenWarpathBackfireDallasMontanaThe Blonde BanditThe Iroquois TrailThis Side of the LawColorado TerritoryFlaxy MartinHomicideLook for the Silver LiningRanger of Cherokee StripSouth of St. LouisThe Big WheelThe FountainheadThe Younger BrothersBig Punch, TheJohnny BelindaKey LargoPříhody Dona JuanaSilver RiverSpeed to SpareTwo Guys from TexasBells of San FernandoCheyenneLife with FatherMy Wild Irish RosePosedláStallion RoadThat Way with WomenThe Man I LoveThe UnfaithfulCinderella JonesHer Kind of ManHumoreskaJanie Gets MarriedNever Say GoodbyeShadow of a WomanThe Time, the Place and the GirlTwo Guys from MilwaukeeTwo Sisters from BostonUloupený životDanger SignalEscape in the DesertSan AntonioSaratoga TrunkThe Horn Blows at MidnightJanie

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