Frances Langford (1913 - 2005)

Frances Langford, Soundtrack: Every Night at Eight. Frances Langford won fame on radio (primarily as Bob Hope's vocalist, later sparring comically with Don Ameche as "The Bickersons"), via recordings and in the movies. In spite of the fact that she played mostly in minor musicals (plus appearing occasionally in "A" productions, including Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942), This Is the Army (1943) and The ...

Lakeland, Florida, USA
(92 let) Jensen Beach, Florida, USA
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Příběh Glenna Millera
82 U slaměných vdov
U slaměných vdov
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Hollywood Hotel
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Too Many Girls
Girl Rush
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Melodie světa 1936
Melodie světa 1936

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1944Girl Rushfilm

1943Cowboy in Manhattanfilm

1943Follow the Bandfilm

1943Never a Dull Momentfilm

1943This Is the Armyfilm

1942Mississippi Gamblerfilm

1942Yankee Doodle Dandyfilm

1941All-American Co-Edfilm

1941Swing It Soldierfilm

1940Dreaming Out Loudfilm

1940Hit Parade of 1941film

1940Too Many Girlsfilm

1938Hollywood Hotelfilm

1937The Hit Paradefilm


1936Palm Springsfilm

1936Sun-Kissed Stars at Palm Springsfilm

1936U slaměných vdovfilm

1935Every Night at Eightfilm

1935Melodie světa 1936film

1933Rambling 'Round Radio Row #5film

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