Noah Beery Jr. (1913 - 1994)

Noah Beery Jr., Actor: The Rockford Files. Familiar and well-liked character actor of very different persona than either his father, Noah Beery, or his uncle, Wallace Beery. He attended Harvard Military Academy but managed to make a number of appearances on film and on stage with his father before adulthood. At age 19, he began playing amiable second leads and occasional leading roles, primarily in westerns, before settling into what ...

New York City, New York, USA
(81 let) Tehachapi, California, USA
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85 O myších a lidech
O myších a lidech
71 Nejlepší bordýlek v Texasu
Nejlepší bordýlek v Texasu
79 Nejrychlejší střelec
Nejrychlejší střelec
86 Kdo seje vítr
Kdo seje vítr
77 Červená řeka
Červená řeka
78 Jen andělé mají křídla
Jen andělé mají křídla

1982Beyond Witch MountainTV film

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1973The Alpha CaperTV film

1970Cockeyed Cowboys of Calico Countyfilm

1970Malej Fauss a Velkej Halsyfilm

1970Murdocks and the McClays, TheTV film

1969Heaven with a Gunfilm

1968Cesta do Shilohufilm

1967Hondo and the ApachesTV film

1966Incident at Phantom Hillfilm

19647 Faces of Dr. Laofilm

1960Guns of the Timberlandfilm

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1957Sundown - město pomstyfilm

1956Indian Raiders, Thea.z.


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1955White Featherfilm

1954The Black Dakotasfilm

1954Yellow Tomahawk, Thefilm

1953Tropic Zonefilm

1953War Arrowfilm

1953Wings of the Hawkfilm

1952The Cimarron Kidfilm

1952The Story of Will Rogersfilm

1952Wagons Westfilm

1951The Last Outpostfilm

1951The Texas Rangersfilm

1950Davy Crockett, Indian Scoutfilm

1950Rocketship X-Mfilm

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1950Two Flags Westfilm

1949Squadron of DoomTV film

1949The Doolins of Oklahomafilm

1948Indian Agentfilm

1948Červená řekafilm

1946Desert Commanda.z.

1946The Cat Creepsfilm

1945Daltons Ride Again, Thefilm

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1945See My Lawyerfilm

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1943Corvette K-225film

1943Frontier Badmenfilm

1943Gung Ho!: Ofenzíva v Pacifikufilm

1943Prairie Chickensfilm

1943Top Manfilm

1943We've Never Been Lickedfilm

1942'Neath Brooklyn Bridgefilm

1942Dudes Are Pretty Peoplefilm

1942Hay Footfilm

1942Overland Mailfilm

1941All-American Co-Edfilm

1941Riders of Death Valleyfilm

1941Tanks a Millionfilm

1941Two in a Taxifilm

1941Četař Yorkfilm

194020 Mule Teamfilm

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1934Tailspin Tommyfilm

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1932Jungle Mysteryfilm

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1930The Big Housefilm

1929Gold Diggers of Broadwayfilm


1920The Mutiny of the Elsinorefilm

1920Zorro mstitelfilm

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