Arthur Lowe (1915 - 1982)

Arthur Lowe, Actor: Dad's Army. Lowe, rotund and professionally indefatigable, rightly gained acclaim as an accomplished comedy character actor; fondly remembered as the irascible "Captain Mainwaring" in the Home Guard comedy series Dad's Army (1968-1977), and as Coronation Street (1960)'s "Leonard Swindley". The only child of a Derbyshire railworker, Lowe gained valuable ...

Hayfield, Derbyshire, Anglie, Velká Británie
(66 let) Birmingham, Anglie, Velká Británie
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The Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones
72 Nemocnice Britannia
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81 Šlechetné srdce a šlechtické korunky
Šlechetné srdce a šlechtické korunky

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