Miles Mander

Miles Mander (1888 - 1946)

Miles Mander, Director: The Flying Doctor. This versatile artist, who had spent his 20's in New Zealand farming sheep, became novelist, playwright and film exhibitor on his return to Britain in 1918. Eventually he would observe success with The First Born (1928), which he directed and acted in and which was based on his own novel and play. He is better remembered, however, for his character portrayals of oily types, many of them ...

Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, Anglie, Velká Británie
(57 let) Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
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Miles Mander oblíbené filmy

86 Být, či nebýt
Být, či nebýt
83 The Man in the Iron Mask
The Man in the Iron Mask
83 Bílé útesy doverské
Bílé útesy doverské
81 Madame Curie
Madame Curie
82 Na Větrné hůrce
Na Větrné hůrce
75 Pět hrobů u Káhiry
Pět hrobů u Káhiry

1947The Imperfect Ladyfilm

1946The Bandit of Sherwood Forestfilm

1946The Walls Came Tumbling Downfilm

1945Confidential Agentfilm

1945The Brighton Stranglerfilm

1945The Crime Doctor's Warningfilm

1945The Picture of Dorian Grayfilm

1945Week-End at the Waldorffilm

1944Bílé útesy doverskéfilm

1944Enter Arsene Lupinfilm

1944Four Jills in a Jeepfilm

1944Sbohem buď, lásko máfilm

1944The Pearl of Deathfilm

1944The Scarlet Clawfilm

1944The Story of Dr. Wassellfilm

1943Assignment in Brittanyfilm

1943Fantom operyfilm

1943First Comes Couragefilm

1943Guadalcanal: ostrov smrtifilm

1943Madame Curiefilm

1943Pět hrobů u Káhiryfilm

1943The Fallen Sparrowfilm

1943The Return of the Vampirefilm

1942A Tragedy at Midnightfilm

1942Apache Trailfilm

1942Být, či nebýtfilm

1942Captains of the Cloudsfilm

1942Fingers at the Windowfilm


1942Journey for Margaretfilm

1942Lucky Jordanfilm

1942Někde se potkámefilm

1942Paní Miniverováfilm

1942Secrets of the Undergroundfilm

1942Tarzanovo newyorské dobrodružstvífilm

1942This Above Allfilm

1942War Against Mrs. Hadley, Thefilm

1941Dr. Kildare's Wedding Dayfilm

1941Free and Easyfilm

1941Lady Hamiltonováfilm

1941Shadows on the Stairsfilm

1941They Met in Bombayfilm

1940Babies for Salefilm

1940Captain Cautionfilm


1940Primrose Pathfilm

1940Road to Singaporefilm

1940South of Suezfilm

1940The Earl of Chicagofilm

1940The House of the Seven Gablesfilm

1939Daredevils of the Red Circlefilm

1939Malá princeznafilm

1939Na Větrné hůrcefilm

1939Stanley and Livingstonefilm

1939The Man in the Iron Maskfilm

1939The Three Musketeersfilm

1939Tower of Londonfilm




1937Poslední otrokářfilm

1937Wake Up and Livefilm

1937Youth on Parolefilm

1936Lloyd's of Londonfilm

1935Death Drives Throughfilm

1935Here's to Romancefilm

1935The Three Musketeersfilm

1934Case for the Crown, Thefilm

1934Four Masked Men, Thefilm

1934The Battlefilm

1933Bitter Sweetfilm

1933Don Quixotefilm


1933Matinee Idolfilm

1933Šest žen Jindřicha

1932Frail Womenfilm

1932Lily Christinefilm

1932Missing Rembrandt, Thefilm

1932That Night in Londonfilm

1930Loose Endsfilm


1929Meineid - Ein Paragraph, der Menschen tötetfilm

1929The Crooked Billetfilm


1928First Born, Thefilm


1928The Physicianfilm

1927As We Liefilm

1927The Fakefilm


1926London Lovefilm

1926Riding for a Kingfilm

1925Bludiště láskyfilm

1925Lady in Furs, Thefilm

1925Painted Lady, Thefilm

1924Lovers in Arabyfilm

1924The Prude's Fallfilm

1922Half a Truthfilm

1922Open Countryfilm

1921A Scandal in Bohemiafilm

1921Place of Honour, Thefilm

1921Road to London, Thefilm

1920Old Arm Chair, Thefilm

1920Rank Outsider, Thefilm

1920Temporary Lady, Thefilm


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