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Mikael Salomon, Director: Band of Brothers. Mikael Salomon was born and grew up in Denmark. He is originally and primarily a cinematographer. The first feature film he shot was Fantasterne (1967) by Kirsten Stenbæk. After almost two decades as one of his country's finest in the field and only a few foreign productions, he then moved his life and his career to Hollywood. His work included ...

Kodaň, Dánsko
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41 Modrá laguna: Procitnutí
Modrá laguna: Procitnutí
53 Mrazák
64 Prokletí Salemu
Prokletí Salemu
40 Následky otřesu: Zemětřesení v New Yorku
Následky otřesu: Zemětřesení v New Yorku
53 Drew Peterson: Nedotknutelný
Drew Peterson: Nedotknutelný
33 Ztracená budoucnost
Ztracená budoucnost

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1993Sami v pouštifilm

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