Leila Anaïs Schaus

Leila Schaus, Actress: Never Grow Old. Born and raised in Luxembourg, Leila spent her childhood traveling the world with her parents and brothers. This has instilled in her a longing for travels and the nostalgia of faraway places. As a graduate of the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York, Leila has since acted in short films both in the USA and Europe, as well as feature film ...
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Leila Anaïs Schaus oblíbené filmy

73 Vrtěti ženou
Vrtěti ženou
71 Le Dernier diamant
Le Dernier diamant
21 Únos Air Force One
Únos Air Force One
58 Belle du Seigneur
Belle du Seigneur
75 Hannah Arendt
Hannah Arendt
46 Obětní beránek
Obětní beránek

2019Never Grow Oldfilm

2018Justice Dot Netfilm

2014Le Dernier diamantfilm

2013Obětní beránekfilm

2013Vijay and Ifilm

2013Únos Air Force OneTV film

2012Belle du Seigneurfilm

2012Dead Man Talkingfilm

2012Hannah Arendtfilm

2011Hot Hot Hotfilm

2011Vrtěti ženoufilm

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