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Carole Ann Ford, Actress: The Day of the Triffids. Carole Ann Ford was born in June 1940 and first appeared in a film at the age of eight. Following acting and elocution lessons, she started doing commercials and walk-on work, and her first proper role was in the play "Women of the Streets." She continued working in theatre, film (including The Day of the Triffids (1963)) and television (including Emergency-Ward 10 (1957), Moonstrike (1963), ...

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79 Útočiště
45 Den Triffidů
Den Triffidů
The Great St. Trinians Train Robbery
The Great St. Trinians Train Robbery
The Punch and Judy Man
The Punch and Judy Man
The Man Outside
The Man Outside
Lust in Space
Lust in Space

2013The Five(ish) Doctors RebootTV film

1999Adventures in Space and TimeTV film

1999Soul's Arkfilm

1998Lust in Spacefilm

1994Return of the Boogeymanfilm

1993Doctor Who: Dimensions in TimeTV film


1967The Man Outsidefilm

1966Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery, Thefilm

1963The Punch and Judy Manfilm

1962Den Triffidůfilm

1962Mix Me a Personfilm

1959Expresso Bongofilm

1959Horrors of the Black Museumfilm

1953Last Load, Thefilm

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