Carleton Young (1905 - 1994)

Carleton Young, Actor: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. American character actor noted for his deep, rich voice. Young made his Broadway debut in the early 1930s, appearing in such plays as "Page Pygmalion", "The Man Who Reclaimed His Head", "Late Wisdom" and "Yesterday's Orchids". Moving to Hollywood in 1936, he began getting small film roles and soon graduated to frequent appearances in B-Westerns ...

Westfield, New York, USA
(89 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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Carleton Young oblíbené filmy

83 Spartakus
78 Muž, který zastřelil Liberty Valance
Muž, který zastřelil Liberty Valance
83 Příběh Glenna Millera
Příběh Glenna Millera
86 Na sever severozápadní linkou
Na sever severozápadní linkou
82 Odtud až na věčnost
Odtud až na věčnost
73 Jak byl dobyt Západ
Jak byl dobyt Západ

1990Dick Tracya.z.

1977Buck Rogersa.z.

1971VanishedTV film

1966Spy Smasher ReturnsTV film

1966Torpedo of DoomTV film

1964A Tiger Walksfilm

1964Podzim Čejenůfilm

1962Jak byl dobyt Západfilm

1962Muž, který zastřelil Liberty Valancefilm

1961Armored Commandfilm

1961The Big Showfilm

1961Twenty Plus Twofilm

1960Hodiny odvahyfilm

1960Sergeant Rutledgefilm


1960The Music Box Kidfilm

1960Wake Me When It's Overfilm

1959Here Come the Jetsfilm

1959It Started with a Kissfilm


1959Na sever severozápadní linkoufilm

1958Cry Terror!film

1958The Last Hurrahfilm

1958The Perfect Furloughfilm

1957Battle Hymnfilm

1957Book of Acts Series, Thefilm

1957Jet Pilotfilm

1957Letící šípfilm

1957Přelet přes oceánfilm

1957The True Story of Jesse Jamesfilm

1956Battle Stationsfilm

1956Beyond a Reasonable Doubtfilm

1956Flight to Hong Kongfilm

1956Great Day in the Morningfilm


1956Miami Exposefilm

1956The Bottom of the Bottlefilm

1956Three Brave Menfilm

1956While the City Sleepsfilm

1955Artists and Modelsfilm

1955Daddy Long Legsfilm

1955Phantom of the Junglea.z.

1955Seven Angry Menfilm

1955The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchellfilm

1955Válečný pokřikfilm


195420 000 mil pod mořemfilm

1954Arrow In the Dustfilm

1954Bitter Creekfilm

1954Black Tuesdayfilm


1954Princ Valiantfilm

1954Příběh Glenna Millerafilm

1954Rogue Copfilm

1954Vzpoura v bloku 11film

1954Woman's Worldfilm

1953A Blueprint for Murderfilm

1953Cruisin' Down the Riverfilm

1953Goldtown Ghost Ridersfilm

1953Last of the Comanchesfilm

1953Man in the Darkfilm

1953Mexican Manhuntfilm

1953No Escapefilm

1953Odtud až na věčnostfilm

1953Planet Outlawsa.z.

1953Safari Drumsfilm


1953San Antonefilm

1953The Glory Brigadefilm

1952Army Boundfilm

1952Battle Zonefilm

1952Boots Malonefilm

1952Brigand, Thefilm

1952Deadline -

1952Diplomatic Courierfilm

1952Kansas City Confidentialfilm

1952My Six Convictsfilm

1952Ocelová pastfilm


1952Torpedo Alleyfilm

1952Toughest Man in Arizonafilm

1952Washington Storyfilm

1951Anne of the Indiesfilm

1951Best of the Badmenfilm

1951Chain of Circumstancefilm

1951Den, kdy se zastavila Zeměfilm

1951Flying Leathernecksfilm

1951Gene Autry and The Mountiesfilm

1951Lidé budou pomlouvatfilm

1951Liška pouštěfilm

1951Operace Pacifikfilm

1951Red Mountainfilm

1951The Mobfilm

1950American Guerrilla in the Philippinesfilm

1950Double Dealfilm

1950The Flying Missilefilm

1947Smash-Up: The Story of a Womanfilm

1946Blonde Alibifilm

1945Thunderhead - Son of Flickafilm

1944Take It or Leave Itfilm

1943Confessions of a Vice Barona.z.

1942Code of the Outlawfilm

1942Gang Bustersfilm

1942King of the Mountiesfilm

1942March on America!film

1942Overland Mailfilm

1942S.O.S. Coast Guarda.z.

1942South of Santa Fefilm

1942Spy Smasherfilm

1942Thunder River Feudfilm

1942Valley of the Sunfilm

1941Adventures of Captain Marvelfilm

1941Badlands of Dakotafilm

1941Billy the Kid's Fighting Palsfilm

1941Billy the Kid's Range Warfilm

1941Billy the Kid's Round-Upfilm

1941Buck Privatesfilm

1941Keep 'Em Flyingfilm

1941Missouri Outlaw, Afilm

1941Paper Bulletsfilm

1941Prairie Pioneersfilm


1941Two Gun Sherifffilm

1940Adventure in Diamondsfilm

1940Adventures of Red Ryderfilm

1940Billy the Kid Outlawedfilm

1940Billy the Kid in Texasfilm

1940Billy the Kid's Gun Justicefilm

1940Cowboy from Sundownfilm

1940Gun Codefilm

1940One Man's Lawfilm

1940Pals of the Silver Sagefilm

1940Pride of the Boweryfilm

1940Take Me Back to Oklahomafilm

1940Up in the Airfilm

1939Big Town Czarfilm

1939Buck Rogersfilm

1939Code of the Streetsfilm

1939Convict's Codefilm

1939El Diablo Ridesfilm

1939Flaming Leadfilm

1939Girl from Riofilm

1939Honor of the Westfilm

1939Mesquite Buckaroofilm

1939Pal from Texas, Thefilm

1939Port of Hatefilm

1939Riders of the Sagefilm

1939Risky Businessfilm

1939Smoky Trailsfilm

1939Stunt Pilotfilm

1939Sued for Libelfilm

1939The Lone Ranger Rides Againfilm

1939Torture Shipfilm

1939Trigger Fingersfilm

1939Zorro's Fighting Legionfilm

1938Air Devilsfilm

1938Black Banditfilm

1938Cassidy of Bar 20film

1938Gang Bulletsfilm

1938Guilty Trailsfilm

1938Gunsmoke Trailfilm

1938Heroes of the Hillsfilm

1938Outlaw Expressfilm

1938Prairie Justicefilm

1938Prison Breakfilm

1938Race Suicidefilm


1938The Fighting Devil Dogsfilm

1938The Marines Are Herefilm

1938The Old Barn Dancefilm

1938The Spy Ringfilm

1938The Wages of Sinfilm

1937Atlantic Flightfilm

1937Bride for Henry, Afilm

1937Circus Girlfilm

1937Come on Cowboysfilm

1937Dangerous Holidayfilm

1937Dick Tracyfilm

1937Git Along, Little Dogiesfilm

1937It Could Happen to You!film

1937Join the Marinesfilm

1937Larceny on the Airfilm

1937Michael O'Halloranfilm

1937Navy Bluesfilm

1937Round-Up Time in Texasfilm

1937S.O.S. Coast Guardfilm

1937She Married an Artistfilm

1937Stars Over Arizonafilm

1937The Hit Paradefilm

1937Young Dynamitefilm

1936A Man Betrayedfilm

1936Black Goldfilm

1936Happy Go Luckyfilm

1936Reefer Madnessfilm

1936The Mandarin Mysteryfilm

1935The Fighting Marinesfilm

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