Ted Adams (1890 - 1973)

Ted Adams, Actor: The Lion Man. The son of vaudeville performers, Richard Theodore "Ted" Adams was part of his parents' troupe before attending Cornell University at the age of 18. After college he did stock work for three years before going to New York City and stage work there. For more than half his life he performed on the stage before coming to films around 1926. He and his good friend Leo Carrillo performed together in ...

New York City, New York, USA
(83 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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Pals of the Saddle
Pals of the Saddle
Kansas Territory
Kansas Territory
The Royal Mounted Patrol
The Royal Mounted Patrol
Rustlers Valley
Rustlers Valley
62 Billy the Kid
Billy the Kid
Son of Zorro
Son of Zorro

1952Frontier Phantom, Thefilm

1952Kansas Territoryfilm

1951Abilene Trailfilm

1951Lost Planet Airmena.z.

1951Night Riders of Montanafilm

1951Prairie Roundupfilm

1950A Wonderful Lifefilm

1950Frisco Tornadofilm

1950Hills of Oklahomafilm

1950Law of the Panhandlefilm

1949Across the Rio Grandefilm

1949Brothers in the Saddlefilm

1949Fighting Man of the Plainsfilm

1949Gun Runnerfilm

1949Haunted Trailsfilm

1949King of the Rocket Menfilm

1949Navajo Trail Raidersfilm

1949Outlaw Countryfilm

1949San Antone Ambushfilm

1949Shadows of the Westfilm

1949Stallion Canyonfilm

1949The Mutineersfilm

1948Are You with It?film

1948Back Trailfilm

1948Crossed Trailsfilm

1948Frontier Agentfilm

1948Gunning for Justicefilm

1948Overland Trailsfilm

1948Quick on the Triggerfilm

1947Buckaroo from Powder Riverfilm

1947Buffalo Bill Rides Againfilm

1947Flashing Gunsfilm

1947Gun Talkfilm

1947Prairie Expressfilm

1947Raiders of the Southfilm

1947Son of Zorrofilm

1947Song of the Wastelandfilm

1947The Law Comes to Gunsightfilm

1947The Vigilante: Fighting Hero of the Westfilm

1947Under Colorado Skiesfilm

1947Valley of Fearfilm

1947Vigilantes of Boomtownfilm

1946Red River Renegadesfilm

1946Shadows on the Rangefilm

1946Silver Rangefilm

1946Stagecoach to Denverfilm

1946Swing, Cowboy, Swingfilm

1946The Gentleman from Texasfilm

1946Trigger Fingersfilm

1946Tumbleweed Trailfilm

1946Under Arizona Skiesfilm

1945Bells of Rosaritafilm

1945Jungle Raidersfilm


1943Daredevils of the Westfilm

1943The Kid Rides Againfilm

1942Along the Sundown Trailfilm

1942Billy the Kid Trappedfilm

1942Billy the Kid's Smoking Gunsfilm

1942Boss of Big Town, Thefilm

1942King of the Stallionsfilm

1942Law and Orderfilm

1942Outlaws of Boulder Passfilm

1942Overland Stagecoachfilm

1942Perils of the Royal Mountedfilm

1942Rolling Down the Great Dividefilm

1942The Mysterious Riderfilm

1942The Sundown Kidfilm

1941Billy the Kidfilm

1941Billy the Kid's Range Warfilm

1941Fighting Bill Fargofilm

1941Holt of the Secret Servicefilm

1941The Lone Rider Ambushedfilm

1941The Lone Rider in Frontier Furyfilm

1941The Royal Mounted Patrolfilm

1940Billy the Kid Outlawedfilm

1940Billy the Kid's Gun Justicefilm

1940East Side Kidsfilm

1940Frontier Crusaderfilm

1940Gaucho Serenadefilm

1940Gun Codefilm

1940Hi-Yo Silvera.z.

1940Law and Orderfilm

1940Phantom Rancherfilm

1940Pinto Canyonfilm

1940Pioneer Daysfilm

1940Riders from Nowherefilm

1940Riders of Black Mountainfilm

1940Riders of Pasco Basinfilm

1940Sky Banditsfilm

1940Trail of the Vigilantesfilm

1940Wild Horse Valleyfilm

1939Code of the Cactusfilm

1939El Diablo Ridesfilm

1939Fangs of the Wildfilm

1939Fighting Madfilm

1939In Old Montanafilm

1939Mesquite Buckaroofilm

1939Nová hranicefilm

1939Outlaws' Paradisefilm

1939Pal from Texas, Thefilm

1939Port of Hatefilm

1939Riders of the Sagefilm

1939Six-Gun Rhythmfilm

1939Smoky Trailsfilm

1939Straight Shooterfilm

1939Texas Wildcatsfilm

1939The Fighting Renegadefilm

1939Trigger Fingersfilm

1939Trigger Palsfilm

1938Desert Patrolfilm

1938Durango Valley Raidersfilm

1938Gunsmoke Trailfilm

1938Lightning Carson Rides Againfilm

1938Pals of the Saddlefilm

1938Paroled from the Big Housefilm

1938Six-Gun Trailfilm

1938The Secret of Treasure Islandfilm

1937Arizona Gunfighterfilm

1937Boss of Lonely Valleyfilm

1937Colorado Kidfilm

1937Gambling Terror, Thefilm

1937Guns in the Darkfilm

1937It Happened Out Westfilm

1937Lawless Landfilm

1937Rustler's Valleyfilm

1937Smoke Tree Rangefilm

1937Sudden Bill Dornfilm

1937The Girl from Scotland Yardfilm

1937The Mysterious Pilotfilm

1936Border Caballerofilm

1936Crooked Trail, Thefilm

1936Desert Phantomfilm

1936Heart of the Westfilm

1936The Lion Manfilm

1936Three on the Trailfilm

1935His Fighting Bloodfilm

1935Hop-a-long Cassidyfilm

1935Lawless Borderfilm

1935Social Errorfilm

1935The Fighting Marinesfilm

1935Toll of the Desertfilm


1933Easy Millionsfilm

1933Her Forgotten Pastfilm

1933Man of Actionfilm

1933War of the Rangefilm

1932Battling Buckaroofilm

1932Beyond the Rockiesfilm

1932Gambling Sexfilm

1932Ghost Valleyfilm

1932Human Targetsfilm

1932The Fighting Gentlemanfilm

1932The Savage Girlfilm

1931Cavalier of the Westfilm

1931Cyclone Kidfilm

1931God's Country and the Manfilm

1931Rider of the Plainsfilm

1931Ridin' Fool, Thefilm

1930Under Texas Skiesfilm

1924The Battling Foolfilm

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