Veda Ann Borg (1915 - 1973)

Veda Ann Borg, Actress: Kid Galahad. Born in Boston, Veda Ann Borg was a New York model in 1936 when a screen test brought her a short-lived contract at Paramount, where she made her debut film, Three Cheers for Love (1936). She fit better at Warner Brothers, where she played at least 15 roles (some of them bits) in 1937-38; but in 1939 a severe auto crash, requiring full facial ...

Boston, Massachusetts, USA
(58 let) Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
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Veda Ann Borg oblíbené filmy

83 Mildred Pierceová
Mildred Pierceová
72 Alamo
72 Křídla orlů
Křídla orlů
46 Velký Jim McLain
Velký Jim McLain
Mother Wore Tights
Mother Wore Tights
75 Frajeři a saze
Frajeři a saze


1959Thunder in the Sunfilm

1958The Fearmakersfilm

1957Křídla orlůfilm

1956Frontier Gamblerfilm

1956Naked Gunfilm

1955Frajeři a sazefilm

1955I'll Cry Tomorrowfilm

1955Miluj mě nebo mě opusťfilm

1955You're Never Too Youngfilm

1954Bitter Creekfilm

1953A Perilous Journeyfilm

1953Hot Newsfilm

1953Mister Scoutmasterfilm

1953Three Sailors and a Girlfilm

1952Aaron Slick from Punkin Crickfilm

1952Hold That Linefilm

1952Velký Jim McLainfilm

1950Kangaroo Kid, Thefilm

1950Rider from Tucsonfilm

1949Chicken Every Sundayfilm

1949Forgotten Womenfilm

1949Mississippi Rhythmfilm

1949One Last Flingfilm

1948Julia Misbehavesfilm

1947Blonde Savagefilm

1947Mother Wore Tightsfilm

1947The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxerfilm

1947The Pilgrim Ladyfilm



1946Big Townfilm

1946The Fabulous Suzannefilm

1946Wife Wantedfilm

1945Bring on the Girlsfilm

1945Dangerous Intruderfilm

1945Don Juan Quilliganfilm

1945Jungle Raidersfilm

1945Life with Blondiefilm

1945Love, Honor and Goodbyefilm

1945Mildred Pierceováfilm

1945Prokletí mlžného ostrovafilm

1945Rough, Tough and Readyfilm

1945Scared Stifffilm

1945What a Blondefilm

1944Detective Kitty O'Dayfilm

1944Irish Eyes Are Smilingfilm

1944Marked Trailsfilm

1944Standing Room Onlyfilm

1944The Falcon in Hollywoodfilm

1944The Girl Who Daredfilm

1944Velký třeskfilm

1943False Facesfilm

1943Isle of Forgotten Sinsfilm

1943Murder in Times Squarefilm

1943Revenge of the Zombiesfilm

1943Smart Guyfilm

1943The Girl from Monterreyfilm

1943Záhadný hostfilm

1942About Facefilm

1942Duke of the Navyfilm

1942I Married an Angelfilm

1942She's in the Armyfilm

1942Tajná zbraňfilm

1942Two Yanks in Trinidadfilm

1941Arkansas Judgefilm

1941Down in San Diegofilm

1941Honky Tonkfilm

1941I'll Wait for Youfilm

1941The Corsican Brothersfilm

1941The Get-Awayfilm

1941The Penaltyfilm

1941The Pittsburgh Kidfilm

1940Behind the Newsfilm

1940Bitter Sweetfilm

1940Cafe Hostessfilm

1940Dr. Christian Meets the Womenfilm

1940Glamour for Salefilm

1940Hit Parade of 1941film

1940I Take This Oathfilm

1940Laughing at Dangerfilm

1940Melody Ranchfilm

1940The Shadowfilm

1939Miracle on Main Streetfilm

1939The Law Comes to Texasfilm

1938Over the Wallfilm

1937Alcatraz Islandfilm


1937It's Love I'm Afterfilm

1937Kid Galahadfilm

1937Marry the Girlfilm

1937Men in Exilefilm

1937Missing Witnessesfilm

1937Public Weddingfilm

1937San Quentinfilm

1937She Loved a Firemanfilm

1937Submarine D-1film

1937The Case of the Stuttering Bishopfilm

1937The Singing Marinefilm

1937Varsity Showfilm

1936Three Cheers for Lovefilm

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