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John Llewellyn Moxey, Director: The Avengers. Back in the days when ships burned coal, John Moxey's family had a coal/steel business with depots all over the world; he was born in 1925 in Argentina, where his father was running one of the firm's stations. Moxey knew from childhood that he was cut out for a job in the picture business and, following his discharge from the service after World ...

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75 The City of the Dead
The City of the Dead
Foxhole in Cairo
Foxhole in Cairo
58 Das Rätsel des silbernen Dreieck
Das Rätsel des silbernen Dreieck
The Power Within
The Power Within
Svátost strachu
Svátost strachu
Nightmare in Badham County
Nightmare in Badham County

1988Outback BoundTV film

1987Deadly DeceptionTV film

1987Sadie and SonTV film

1986Blacke's MagicTV film

1985When Dreams Come TrueTV film

1983Cradle Will Fall, TheTV film

1983Through Naked EyesTV film

1982Desire, the VampireTV film

1981Kdo zabil Joy Morganovou?TV film

1981No Place to HideTV film

1981Už nebudu mlčetTV film

1980Mating Season, TheTV film

1980Poslední den válkyTV film

1979Ebony, Ivory and JadeTV film

1979Power Within, TheTV film

1979Solitary Man, TheTV film

1979Svátost strachuTV film

1978Odvaha a vášeňTV film

1978President's Mistress, TheTV film

1977Intimate StrangersTV film

1977Panic in Echo ParkTV film

1976Nightmare in Badham CountyTV film

1976Smash-Up on Interstate 5TV film

1976Tales of the NunundagaTV film

1975Conspiracy of TerrorTV film

1975Foster and LaurieTV film

1974Kam zmizeli všichni lidé?TV film

1974Strange and Deadly Occurrence, TheTV film

1973Genesis IITV film

1972Bounty Man, TheTV film

1972Ghost StoryTV film

1972HardcaseTV film

1972Home for the HolidaysTV film

1972The Night StalkerTV film

1971EscapeTV film

1971Taste of Evil, ATV film

1971The Death of Me YetTV film

1971The Last ChildTV film

1970House That Would Not Die, TheTV film

1970San Francisco InternationalTV film

1969Tall, Stalwart Lancer, ATV film

1968A Hatful of RainTV film

1967Dial M for MurderTV film

1966Das Rätsel des silbernen Dreieckfilm

1966Tormentors, TheTV film

1965Strangler's Webfilm


1964Face of a Strangerfilm

196320,000 Pound Kiss, Thefilm


1962Death Trapfilm

1961Ring of TruthTV film

1960Foxhole in Cairofilm

1960The City of the Deadfilm

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