Michael Woods

Michael Woods, Stunts: Blade II. Michael Woods is known for his work on Blade 2 (2002), Dak ging to lung (1988) and Sat Sat Yan, Tiu Tiu Mo (1998).
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76 Red Force 4
Red Force 4
71 Tygří klec 2
Tygří klec 2
62 Tygří klec
Tygří klec
59 Nu huo wei long
Nu huo wei long
60 Lie bao xing dong
Lie bao xing dong
46 Sha sha ren, tiao tiao miu
Sha sha ren, tiao tiao miu

2010Final Weaponfilm

1998Sha sha ren, tiao tiao miufilm

1992Lie bao xing dongfilm

1991Nu huo wei longfilm

1990Tygří klec 2film

1989Red Force 4film

1988Tygří klecfilm

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