Fred C. Newmeyer (1888 - 1967)

Fred C. Newmeyer, Director: Safety Last!. Fred C. Newmeyer was a professional baseball player from 1909-13 before beginning his career as an extra at Universal Pictures. He worked his way up the ladder to become a prop man, then assistant director and, finally, director. Notable among his films are Seven Keys to Baldpate (1925) with Douglas MacLean and The Potters (1927), starring W.C. ...

Central City, Colorado, USA
(78 let) Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA
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Fred C. Newmeyer oblíbené filmy

86 O patro výš
O patro výš
General Spanky
General Spanky
78 On svádí děvčata
On svádí děvčata
Warming Up
Warming Up
Rainbow Man
Rainbow Man
Thats My Daddy
Thats My Daddy

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1932The Fighting Gentlemanfilm

1932The Night Riderfilm

1932They Never Come Backfilm

1931Subway Expressfilm

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1930Queen Highfilm

1930The Grand Paradefilm

1929It Can Be Donefilm

1929Rainbow Manfilm

1929Sailor's Holidayfilm

1928Night Bird, Thefilm

1928That's My Daddyfilm

1928Warming Upfilm

1927On Your Toesfilm

1927The Lunatic at Largefilm

1927The Pottersfilm

1927Too Many Crooksfilm

1926Savage, Thefilm

1926The Quarterbackfilm

1925On zázračným studentemfilm

1925Seven Keys to Baldpatefilm

1925The Perfect Clownfilm

1924On - Přenešťastný mužíčekfilm

1924On svádí děvčatafilm

1923O patro výšfilm

1923On si léčí nervyfilm

1922Doktor Jackfilm


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1920Raise the Rentfilm

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