Charles Winninger (1884 - 1969)

Charles Winninger, Actor: Show Boat. Short, chubby-framed, twinkle-eyed, ever-huggable Charles Winninger was a veteran vaudevillian by the time he arrived in talking films. Born in a trunk to show biz folk in Athens, Wisconsin, on May 26, 1884, he was initially christened Karl Winninger. He left school while quite young (age 8) to join and tour with his parent's vaudeville family act...

Athens, Wisconsin, USA
(84 let) Palm Springs, California, USA
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81 Vzpoura žen
Vzpoura žen
The Sin of Madelon Claudet
The Sin of Madelon Claudet
Torpedo Alley
Torpedo Alley
Belle of the Yukon
Belle of the Yukon
78 Loď komediantů
Loď komediantů
Living in a Big Way
Living in a Big Way

1960Miracle of the White Reindeer, Thefilm


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1947Something in the Windfilm

1946Lover Come Backfilm

1945She Wouldn't Say Yesfilm

1945State Fairfilm

1944Belle of the Yukonfilm

1944Broadway Rhythmfilm

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1943Hers to Holdfilm

1942Friendly Enemiesfilm

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1941Pot o' Goldfilm

1941The Get-Awayfilm

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1940Little Nellie Kellyfilm

1940My Love Came Backfilm

1940Sirotek Gloriefilm

1940Smrtelné setkánífilm

1939Babes in Armsfilm


1939Tři děvčátka pokračujífilm

1939Vzpoura ženfilm

1938Goodbye Broadwayfilm

1938Hard to Getfilm

1937Cafe Metropolefilm

1937Every Day's a Holidayfilm

1937Nothing Sacredfilm

1937Slečna spisovatelfilm

1937The Go-Getterfilm

1937Woman Chases Manfilm

1937You're a Sweetheartfilm

1936Loď komediantůfilm

1936Tři rozkošná děvčátkafilm

1936White Fangfilm

1934Social Registerfilm

1931Children of Dreamsfilm

1931Fighting Caravansfilm

1931Flying Highfilm

1931God's Gift to Womenfilm

1931Gun Smokefilm

1931How I Play Golf by Bobby Jones, No. 2: 'Chip Shots'film

1931Husband's Holidayfilm

1931Night Nursefilm

1931The Sin of Madelon Claudetfilm

1931Špatná sestrafilm

1930Polévka pro bláznyfilm

1926Summer Bachelorsfilm

1926The Canadianfilm

1924Pied Piper Malonefilm

1916A September Mourningfilm

1915Mister Flirt in Wrongfilm

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