Larry Fine

Larry Fine (1902 - 1975)

Larry Fine, Actor: The Three Stooges Meet Hercules. Larry began performing as a violinist at a young age. During his teenage years, he earned his living as a singer and boxer. At 18, Larry began working vaudeville with "The Haney Sisters and Fine" and in 1925, he joined Ted Healy and Moe Howard in the act that would eventually become The Three Stooges. Fine made more than 200 films before a stroke forced him to retire in 1970.

Filadelfie, Pennsylvania, USA
(72 let) Woodland Hills, California, USA
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Larry Fine oblíbené filmy

78 To je ale bláznivý svět
To je ale bláznivý svět
67 Čtyři z Texasu
Čtyři z Texasu
Meet the Baron
Meet the Baron
68 Tančící Venuše
Tančící Venuše
Fugitive Lovers
Fugitive Lovers
42 Sněhurka a tři moulové
Sněhurka a tři moulové

1983MGM Three Stooges Festival, Thefilm

1974The Three Stooges Folliesa.z.

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1965The Outlaws Is Comingfilm

1963Čtyři z Texasufilm

1963Three Stooges Go Around the World in a Daze, Thefilm

1963To je ale bláznivý světfilm

1962Three Stooges in Orbit, Thefilm

1962Three Stooges Meet Hercules, Thefilm

1961Sněhurka a tři moulovéfilm

1960Stop! Look! and Laugh!film

1959Have Rocket, Will Travelfilm

1959Sappy Bullfightersfilm

1959Sappy Bull Fightersfilm

1959Three Stooges Fun-O-Ramafilm

1959Triple Crossedfilm

1958Fifi Blows Her Topfilm

1958Flying Saucer Daffyfilm

1958Oil's Well That Ends Wellfilm

1958Pies and Guysfilm

1958Quiz Whizzfilm

1958Sweet and Hotfilm

1957A Merry Mix-upfilm

1957Guns A-Poppinfilm

1957Hoofs and Goofsfilm

1957Horsing Aroundfilm

1957Muscle Up a Little Closerfilm

1957Outer Space Jittersfilm

1957Rusty Romeosfilm

1957Space Ship Sappyfilm

1956Columbia Laff Houra.z.

1956Commotion on the Oceanfilm


1956Flagpole Jittersfilm

1956For Crimin' Out Loudfilm

1956Hot Stufffilm

1956Husbands Bewarefilm

1956Lucy se opravdu zbláznilaTV film

1956Rumpus in the Haremfilm

1956Scheming Schemersfilm

1955Bedlam in Paradisefilm

1955Blunder Boysfilm

1955Fling in the Ringfilm

1955Gypped in the Penthousefilm

1955Hot Icefilm

1955Of Cash and Hashfilm

1955Stone Age Romeosfilm


1954Income Tax Sappyfilm

1954Knutzy Knightsfilm

1954Musty Musketeersfilm

1954Pals and Galsfilm

1954Scotched in Scotlandfilm

1954Shot in the Frontierfilm

1953Booty and the Beastfilm

1953Bubble Troublefilm

1953Goof on the Rooffilm

1953Loose Lootfilm

1953Pardon My Backfirefilm

1953Rip, Sew and Stitchfilm


1953Tricky Dicksfilm

1953Up in Daisy's Penthousefilm

1952Corny Casanovasfilm

1952Cuckoo on a Choo-Choofilm

1952Gents in a Jamfilm

1952He Cooked His Goosefilm

1952Listen, Judgefilm

1952Missed Fortune, Afilm

1952Three Dark Horsesfilm

1951Baby Sitters' Jittersfilm

1951Don't Throw That Knifefilm

1951Gold Raidersfilm


1951Merry Mavericksfilm

1951Pest Man Winsfilm

1951Scrambled Brainsfilm

1951Three Arabian Nutsfilm

1951Tooth Will Out, Thefilm

1950Dopey Dicksfilm

1950Hugs and Mugsfilm

1950Love at First Bitefilm

1950Punchy Cowpunchersfilm

1950Self Made Maidsfilm

1950Slaphappy Sleuthsfilm

1950Slap Happy Sleuthsfilm

1950Snitch in Time, Afilm

1950Studio Stoopsfilm

1950Three Hams on Ryefilm

1949Dunked in the Deepfilm

1949Fuelin' Aroundfilm

1949Ghost Talks, Thefilm

1949Hokus Pokusfilm

1949Jerks of All TradesTV film

1949Malice in the Palacefilm

1949Vagabond Loafersfilm

1949Who Done It?film

1948Crime on Their Handsfilm

1948Fiddlers Threefilm

1948Heavenly Dazefilm

1948Hot Scots, Thefilm

1948I'm a Monkey's Unclefilm

1948Mummies Dummiesfilm

1948Mummy's Dummiesfilm

1948Pardon My Clutchfilm

1948Shivering Sherlocksfilm

1948Squareheads of the Round Tablefilm

1947All Gummed Upfilm

1947Brideless Groomfilm

1947Fright Nightfilm

1947Half-Wits Holidayfilm

1947Hold That Lion!film

1947Out Westfilm

1947Sing a Song of Six Pantsfilm

1946A Bird in the Headfilm

1946Beer Barrel Polecatsfilm

1946G.I. Wanna Homefilm

1946Monkey Businessmenfilm

1946Rhythm and Weepfilm

1946Swing Paradefilm

1946The Three Troubledoersfilm

1946Three Little Piratesfilm

1946Three Loan Wolvesfilm

1946Uncivil Warbirdsfilm

1945A Hit with a Missfilm

1945Booby Dupesfilm

1945Idiots Deluxefilm

1945If a Body Meets a Bodyfilm


1945Rockin' in the Rockiesfilm

1945Three Pests in a Messfilm

1944Busy Buddiesfilm

1944Crash Goes the Hashfilm

1944Gents Without Centsfilm

1944No Dough Boysfilm

1944Yoke's On Me, Thefilm

1943A Gem of a Jamfilm

1943Back from the Frontfilm

1943Dizzy Detectivesfilm

1943Dizzy Pilotsfilm

1943Good Luck, Mr. Yatesfilm

1943Higher Than a Kitefilm

1943I Can Hardly Waitfilm

1943Idle Roomersfilm

1943Phony Expressfilm

1943Spook Louderfilm

1943They Stooge to Congafilm

1943Three Little Twirpsfilm

1942Cactus Makes Perfectfilm

1942Even as I.O.Ufilm

1942Loco Boy Makes Goodfilm


1942Moje sestra Elafilm

1942Sock-a-Bye Babyfilm

1942Three Smart Sapsfilm

1942What's the Matador?film

1941Ache in Every Stake, Anfilm

1941All the World's a Stoogefilm

1941Dutiful But Dumbfilm

1941I'll Never Heil Againfilm

1941In the Sweet Pie and Piefilm

1941So Long Mr. Chumpsfilm

1941Some More of Samoafilm

1941Time Out for Rhythmfilm

1940A Plumbing We Will Gofilm

1940Boobs in Armsfilm

1940Cookoo Cavaliersfilm

1940From Nurse to Worsefilm

1940How High Is Up?film

1940No Census, No Feelingfilm

1940Nutty But Nicefilm

1940Rockin' Thru the Rockiesfilm

1940You Nazty Spy!film

1939A-Ducking They Did Gofilm

1939Calling All Cursfilm

1939Oily to Bed, Oily to Risefilm

1939Saved by the Bellefilm

1939Three Little Sew and Sewsfilm

1939Three Sappy Peoplefilm

1939We Want Our Mummyfilm

1939Yes, We Have No Bonanzafilm

1938Flat Foot Stoogesfilm

1938Healthy, Wealthy and Dumbfilm

1938Mutts to Youfilm

1938Start Cheeringfilm

1938Tassels in the Airfilm

1938Termites of 1938film

1938Three Missing Linksfilm

1938Violent Is the Word for Curlyfilm

1938Wee Wee Monsieurfilm

1937Back to the Woodsfilm

1937Cash and Carryfilm

1937Dizzy Doctorsfilm

1937Goofs and Saddlesfilm

1937Grips, Grunts and Groansfilm

1937Playing the Poniesfilm

1937Sitter-Downers, Thefilm

19373 Dumb Clucksfilm

1936Ants in the Pantryfilm

1936Disorder in the Courtfilm

1936False Alarmsfilm

1936Half-Shot Shootersfilm

1936Movie Maniacsfilm

1936Pain in the Pullman, Afilm

1936Slippery Silksfilm

1936Whoops, I'm an Indian!film

1935Hoi Polloifilm

1935Horses' Collarsfilm

1935Pardon My Scotchfilm

1935Pop Goes the Easelfilm

1935Restless Knightsfilm

1935Three Little Beersfilm

1935Uncivil Warriorsfilm

1934Big Idea, Thefilm

1934Fugitive Loversfilm

1934Hollywood on Parade No. B-9film

1934Hollywood Partyfilm

1934Men in Blackfilm

1934Punch Drunksfilm

1934The Captain Hates the Seafilm

1934Three Little Pigskinsfilm

1934Woman Hatersfilm

1933Beer and Pretzelsfilm

1933Hello Pop!film

1933Meet the Baronfilm

1933Myrt and Margefilm

1933Nertsery Rhymesfilm

1933Plane Nutsfilm

1933Stage Motherfilm

1933Tančící Venušefilm

1933Turn Back the Clockfilm

1930Polévka pro bláznyfilm

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