Jen Soska

Jen Soska, Actress: American Mary. Identical twins, writers, directors, actors even stunt players, the Soska sister's have always loved twisted film. Even at an early age, they devoured Stephen King novels, one after another as fast as they could read - and snuck into the over 18 sections at video stores, to critique the bloody images on the backs VHS horror movies and in gore magazines. They both entered the film industry, acting ...
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47 See No Evil 2
See No Evil 2
53 The ABCs of Death 2
The ABCs of Death 2
46 Pomsta
64 American Mary
American Mary
47 T is for Torture Porn
T is for Torture Porn
40 Dead Hooker in a Trunk
Dead Hooker in a Trunk


2014See No Evil 2film

2014T is for Torture Pornfilm

2014The ABCs of Death 2film

2012American Maryfilm

2009Dead Hooker in a Trunkfilm

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