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Peter Fitzgerald: Aladdin. Peter Fitzgerald is a film producer, director, writer, and picture editor. His many documentaries on classic films and movie stars have included a feature film, several television specials and scores of "making-of" documentaries for TCM, Warner Bros., MGM/UA Home Video and Warner Home Entertainment. Fitzgerald's love of movies began as a boy in Orange County, California where he found refuge in ...

Orange County, California, USA
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76 Chorus Line
Chorus Line
64 Pravá totožnost
Pravá totožnost
45 CBS Schoolbreak Special
CBS Schoolbreak Special
Blood Nasty
Blood Nasty
Quest for Camelot Sing-Alongs
Quest for Camelot Sing-Alongs
Looney Tunes Sing-Alongs
Looney Tunes Sing-Alongs

1998Looney Tunes Sing-Alongsfilm

1998Quest for Camelot Sing-Alongsfilm

1991Pravá totožnostfilm

1989Blood Nastyfilm

1985Chorus Linefilm

1984CBS Schoolbreak Specialseriál

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