Jay Bauman

Jay Bauman, Writer: Half in the Bag. Jay Bauman (1980) is a director, writer, actor and one of the two operators of RedLetterMedia, an American film/video production company, together with Mike Stoklasa. Bauman started his career as an independent filmmaker, before meeting Stoklasa at a filmmaker's forum in 2001. Eventually they started working together on movies such as Gorilla ...
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50 Space Cop
Space Cop
90 The Phantom Menace Review
The Phantom Menace Review
69 Feeding Frenzy
Feeding Frenzy
The Begun of Tigtone
The Begun of Tigtone
The Recovered
The Recovered
Bad Movie
Bad Movie

2016Space Copfilm

2014The Begun of Tigtonefilm

2012Bad Moviefilm

2010Feeding Frenzyfilm

2009The Phantom Menace Reviewfilm

2008The Recoveredfilm

2003Gorilla Interruptedfilm

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