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Gail Strickland, Actress: The American President. Gail Strickland attended acting courses at Florida State University, then studied with Sanford Meisner. She made her debut on television in the series 'As the World Turns' and she landed her first theatrical role (as the schoolteacher who has all the answers) in Donald Driver's 'Status Quo Vadis' (1971-1972). Going out to California, she appeared as guest star in the series "Barnaby Jones", '...

Birmingham, Alabama, USA
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76 Cesta ke slávě
Cesta ke slávě
65 Hvězdolet I.
Hvězdolet I.
64 Americký prezident
Americký prezident
64 Když muž miluje ženu
Když muž miluje ženu
73 V měsíčním svitu
V měsíčním svitu
60 Sedm neohrožených
Sedm neohrožených

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1981Matter of Life and Death, ATV film

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