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Tony Schiena, Actor: The Merchant of Venice. Tony Schiena got his start in the film business with the role of Leonardo in William Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, starring Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons. He quickly followed that with a starring role in the action thriller "Wake of Death", theatrically released in Europe, Asia and various other territories, Tony garnered great revues for his dramatic and action skills a like. Lead roles in John ...
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38 Circle of Pain
Circle of Pain
76 Kupec benátský
Kupec benátský
54 The Door
The Door
44 Locked Down
Locked Down
49 Probuzená smrt
Probuzená smrt
52 Smrt po internetu
Smrt po internetu

2013Door, Thefilm

2010Circle of Painfilm

2010Locked Downfilm

2009Bleeding, Thefilm

2009Gold & the Beautiful, Thefilm

2006Na život a na smrtfilm

2006SaurianTV film

2005Smrt po internetufilm

2004Kupec benátskýfilm

2004Probuzená smrtfilm

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