Jack Holt (1888 - 1951)

Jack Holt, Actor: San Francisco. Staunch, granite-jawed American leading man of silent and early talkie films, much associated with Westerns. A native of New York City, Holt often claimed to have been born in Winchester, Virginia, where he grew up. The son of an Episcopal minister, he attended Trinity School in Manhattan, then the Virginia Military Institute, from which he was expelled for bad behavior. Giving up his vague hopes...

New York City, New York, USA
(62 let) Sawtelle, Los Angeles, California, USA
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86 Poklad na Sierra Madre
Poklad na Sierra Madre
70 Kočičí lidé
Kočičí lidé
Maker of Men
Maker of Men
80 San Francisco
San Francisco
The Gallant Legion
The Gallant Legion

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1946Flight to Nowherefilm

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1946The Chasefilm

1945Byli obětovánifilm

1942Kočičí lidéfilm

1942Northwest Rangersfilm

1942Screen Snapshots Series 21, No. 6film

1942Thunder Birds: Soldiers of the Airfilm

1941Great Swindle, Thefilm

1941Holt of the Secret Servicefilm

1941Polo with the Starsfilm

1940Fugitive From a Prison Campfilm

1940Outside the Three-Mile Limitfilm

1940Passport to Alcatrazfilm

1940The Great Plane Robberyfilm

1939Fugitive at Largefilm

1939Hidden Powerfilm

1939Trapped in the Skyfilm

1939Whispering Enemiesfilm

1938Crime Takes a Holidayfilm

1938Flight Into Nowherefilm

1938Making the Headlinesfilm


1938Strange Case of Dr. Meadefilm

1937Outlaws of the Orientfilm

1937Roaring Timberfilm

1937Trapped by G-Menfilm

1937Trouble in Moroccofilm

1937Under Suspicionfilm

1936Crash Donovanfilm

1936Dangerous Watersfilm

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1934Black Moonfilm

1934I'll Fix Itfilm

1934The Defense Restsfilm


1933Air Hostessfilm

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1933Ostrov vzpouryfilm

1933The Wreckerfilm

1933Woman I Stole, Thefilm

1932Hollywood Speaksfilm

1932Man Against Womanfilm

1932This Sporting Agefilm

1932War Correspondentfilm

1931A Dangerous Affairfilm

1931Fifty Fathoms Deepfilm

1931Maker of Menfilm

1931Subway Expressfilm

1931The Last Paradefilm

1931U. S. 311film

1931White Shouldersfilm

1930Hell's Islandfilm

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1929Father and Sonfilm


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1928The Smart Setfilm

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1927The Mysterious Riderfilm

1927The Warningfilm

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1926Born to the Westfilm

1926Enchanted Hill, Thefilm

1926Forlorn Riverfilm

1926Man of the Forestfilm

1926Sea Horsesfilm

1926The Blind Goddessfilm

1925Ancient Highway, Thefilm

1925Eve's Secretfilm

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1922The Man Unconquerablefilm

1922While Satan Sleepsfilm

1921After the Showfilm

1921All Souls' Evefilm

1921Ducks and Drakesfilm

1921Grim Comedian, Thefilm

1921The Call of the Northfilm

1921The Lost Romancefilm

1920Crooked Streetsfilm

1920Held by the Enemyfilm

1920Midsummer Madnessfilm

1920The Sins of Rosannefilm

1919A Midnight Romancefilm

1919A Sporting Chancefilm

1919For Better, for Worsefilm

1919Cheating Cheatersfilm

1919Kitty Kelly, M.D.film

1919The Life Linefilm

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1918Desert Wooing, Afilm

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1917Secret Game, Thefilm

1917The Call of the Eastfilm

1917The Cost of Hatredfilm

1917The Little Americanfilm

1916Brennon o' the Moorfilm

1916Cry of Erin, Thefilm

1916Desperado, Thefilm

1916Dumb Girl of Portici, Thefilm

1916False Part, Thefilm

1916Chalice of Sorrow, Thefilm

1916Joan the Womanfilm


1916Mister Vampirefilm


1916Naked Heartsfilm

1916Phone Message, Thefilm

1916The Better Manfilm

1916The Black Sheep of the Familyfilm

1916Wire Pullers, Thefilm

1915A Cigarette - That's Allfilm

1915Broken Coin, Thefilm

1915Flash, Thefilm


1915The Power of Fascinationfilm

1914The Master Keyfilm

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