Hans Conried (1917 - 1982)

Hans Conried, Actor: Peter Pan. Hans Conried was born in Baltimore and raised both there and in New York City. He studied acting at Columbia University, and played many major classical roles onstage. After having been a member of Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre Company, he was heard as Prof. Kropotkin on the radio show "My Friend Irma" and had various roles on the "Edgar Bergen - ...

Baltimore, Maryland, USA
(64 let) Burbank, California, USA
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Hans Conried oblíbené filmy

86 Diktátor
74 Petr Pan
Petr Pan
58 The Hobbit
The Hobbit
78 Robin a 7 maskovaných
Robin a 7 maskovaných
Siren of Bagdad
Siren of Bagdad
Hitlers Children
Hitlers Children

1981American DreamTV film

1981Barefoot in the ParkTV film

1981FaeriesTV film

1981Through the Magic PyramidTV film

1981Trolls and the Christmas Express ,TheTV film

1980Furious Flycycle, Thefilm

1980Incredible Book Escape, TheTV film

1980Oh, God! Book IIfilm

1978Every Girl Should Have Onefilm

1978Kocour z vesmírufilm

1977Halloween Is Grinch NightTV film

1977The HobbitTV film

1976The Shaggy D.A.film

1973Brothers O'Toole, Thefilm

1973Dr. Seuss on the LooseTV film

1970Horton Hears a Who!TV film

1970The Phantom Tollboothfilm

1969Wake Me When the War Is OverTV film

1967KismetTV film


1964Robin a 7 maskovanýchfilm

1963My Six Lovesfilm

1961FeathertopTV film

1961Magic Fountain, Thefilm

19591001 Arabian Nightsfilm

1959Alphabet Conspiracy, TheTV film

1959Juke Box Rhythmfilm

1958Hansel and GretelTV film

1958Rock-a-Bye Babyfilm

1958The Big Beatfilm

1957Jet Pilotfilm

1957Story of Anyburg U.S.A., Thefilm

1957The Monster That Challenged the Worldfilm

1956Saturday Spectacular: Manhattan TowerTV film

1956The Birds and the Beesfilm

1956Zastávka v Kansasufilm

1955Davy Crocketta.z.

1955You're Never Too Youngfilm

1954Meet the FamilyTV film

1954Wife Unto CaesarTV film

1953Petr Panfilm

1953Siren of Bagdadfilm

1953The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. Tfilm

1953The Affairs of Dobie Gillisfilm

1953The Twonkyfilm

1952Light Touch, Thefilm

1952O myši Johannovifilm

1952The World in His Armsfilm

1952Three for Bedroom Cfilm

1952Velký Jim McLainfilm

1951Behave Yourself!film

1951I'll See You in My Dreamsfilm

1951New Mexicofilm

1951Rich, Young and Prettyfilm

1951Texas Carnivalfilm

1951Too Young to Kissfilm

1951Walt Disney Christmas Show, TheTV film

1950Nancy Goes to Riofilm

1950One Hour in WonderlandTV film

1950Summer Stockfilm

1949Bride for Salefilm

1949My Friend Irmafilm

1949Písně z Broadwayefilm

1949Ve městěfilm

1948Variety Timefilm

1947The Senator Was Indiscreetfilm

1947Well Oiledfilm

1945Chew-Chew Babyfilm

1945Sliphorn King of Polaroofilm

1945The Dippy Diplomatfilm

1945Woody Dines Outfilm

1944Mrs. Parkingtonfilm

1944Passage to Marseillefilm

1944Ski for Twofilm

1944The Beach Nutfilm

1943A Lady Takes a Chancefilm

1943Cesta do strachufilm

1943Crazy Housefilm

1943Hitler's Childrenfilm


1943Sestra jeho komorníkafilm

1942A Date with the Falconfilm

1942Blondie's Blessed Eventfilm

1942Falcon Takes Over, Thefilm

1942Joan of Parisfilm


1942Once Upon a Honeymoonfilm

1942Pacific Rendezvousfilm


1942The Big Streetfilm

1942The Greatest Giftfilm

1942The Wife Takes a Flyerfilm

1942Underground Agentfilm

1941Gay Falcon, Thefilm

1941Maisie Was a Ladyfilm


1941Unexpected Unclefilm

1941Weekend for Threefilm

1940Bitter Sweetfilm



1940More About Nostradamusfilm

1939It's a Wonderful Worldfilm

1939Never Say Diefilm

1939On Borrowed Timefilm

1938Dramatic Schoolfilm

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