Lorraine Miller (1922 - 1978)

Lorraine Miller, Actress: Ambush Trail. Lorraine Miller attended schools in Flint, MI, where she excelled in many areas including debate, singing, acting and numerous club activities. After graduating in May of 1940 from Flint Northern High, she worked as a telephone operator for Michigan Bell until she won a contest as "Rodeo Queen". The prize was a contract with MGM in Hollywood. When...

Flint, Michigan, USA
(56 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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Lorraine Miller oblíbené filmy

83 Hluboký spánek
Hluboký spánek
79 Třicet vteřin nad Tokiem
Třicet vteřin nad Tokiem
73 The Picture of Dorian Gray
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Star Spangled Rhythm
Star Spangled Rhythm
83 Gangsterská nevěsta
Gangsterská nevěsta
Up in Arms
Up in Arms

1950It's a Small Worldfilm

1950Sangue sul sagratofilm

1946Ambush Trailfilm

1946Hluboký spánekfilm

1945Border Badmenfilm

1945Frontier Fugitivesfilm

1945Lonesome Trailfilm

1945Men in Her Diaryfilm


1945Mezi dvěma ženamifilm

1945The Picture of Dorian Grayfilm

1945Three in the Saddlefilm

1945White Gorilla, Thefilm

1944Marriage Is a Private Affairfilm

1944Music for Millionsfilm

1944Třicet vteřin nad Tokiemfilm

1944Up in Armsfilm

1943Beyond the Last Frontierfilm

1943Happy Go Luckyfilm

1943Hi Diddle Diddlefilm

1943Riders of the Rio Grandefilm

1943Riding Highfilm

1943The Crystal Ballfilm

1942She's in the Armyfilm

1942Star Spangled Rhythmfilm

1941All-American Co-Edfilm

1941Gangsterská nevěstafilm

1941Mitt Me Tonightfilm

1939All Women Have Secretsfilm


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