Alice Joyce (1890 - 1955)

Alice Joyce, Actress: The Third Degree. Having worked as a telephone operator at age 13 and a fashion model afterwards, Alice Joyce joined the Kalem film company at 20, making her debut in The Deacon's Daughter (1910), and achieved popularity as a charming, proper leading lady in many shorts. After Vitagraph bought out Kalem, Joyce began appearing in the company's features, and her career soared. She was so popular as an ingénue that ...

Kansas City, Missouri, USA
(65 let) Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
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Beau Geste
Beau Geste
13 Washington Square
13 Washington Square
The $20,000 Carat
The $20,000 Carat
White Man
White Man
The City of Stars
The City of Stars
Sos Your Old Man
Sos Your Old Man

1930He Knew Womenfilm

1930Song o' My Heartfilm

1930The Green Goddessfilm

1929The Squallfilm

192813 Washington Squarefilm

1928The Noosefilm

1928The Rising Generationfilm

1927Sorrell and Sonfilm

1926Beau Gestefilm

1926Dancing Mothersfilm


1926So's Your Old Manfilm

1926The Ace of Cadsfilm

1925Daddy's Gone A-Huntingfilm


1925Home Maker, Thefilm

1925Little French Girl, Thefilm

1925Stella Dallasfilm

1924Passionate Adventure, Thefilm

1924The City of Starsfilm

1924White Manfilm

1923The Green Goddessfilm

1921Cousin Katefilm

1921Her Lord and Masterfilm

1921The Inner Chamberfilm

1921The Scarab Ringfilm

1920Dollars and the Womanfilm

1920Prey, Thefilm

1920Slaves of Pridefilm

1920The Sporting Duchessfilm

1920Vice of Fools, Thefilm

1919Captain's Captain, Thefilm

1919Spark Divine, Thefilm

1919The Cambric Maskfilm

1919The Lion and the Mousefilm

1919The Third Degreefilm

1919Vengeance of Durand, Thefilm

1919Winchester Woman, Thefilm

1918Everybody's Girlfilm

1918Find the Womanfilm

1918The Business of Lifefilm

1918The Choicefilm

1918The Song of the Soulfilm

1918The Triumph of the Weakfilm

1918To the Highest Bidderfilm

1918Woman Between Friends, Thefilm

1917Alabaster Box, Anfilm

1917Countess, Thefilm

1917Fettered Woman, Thefilm

1917Her Secretfilm

1917Question, Thefilm

1917Richard the Brazenfilm

1917The Courage of Silencefilm

1917Within the Lawfilm

1917Womanhood, the Glory of the Nationfilm

1916Whom the Gods Destroyfilm

1915Cast Up by the Seafilm

1915Face of the Madonna, Thefilm

1915Girl of the Music Hall, Thefilm

1915Her Supreme Sacrificefilm

1915Leech, Thefilm

1915Swindler, Thefilm

1915Unfaithful to His Trustfilm

1915White Goddess, Thefilm

1914A Celebrated Casefilm

1914Beast, Thefilm

1914Fate's Midnight Hourfilm

1914Girl and the Stowaway, Thefilm

1914Green Rose, Thefilm

1914In Wolf's Clothingfilm

1914Lynbrook Tragedy, Thefilm

1914Mayor's Secretary, Thefilm

1914Mystery of the Sleeping Death, Thefilm

1914Nina o' the Theatrefilm

1914Old Army Coat, Thefilm

1914Price of Silence, Thefilm

1914Riddle of the Green Umbrella, Thefilm

1914School for Scandal, Thefilm

1914The Brandfilm

1914The Cabaret Dancerfilm

1914The Dance of Deathfilm

1914The Hand Print Mysteryfilm

1914The Shadowfilm

1914The Show Girl's Glovefilm

1914The Vampire's Trailfilm

1914Theft of the Crown Jewels, Thefilm

1914Viper, Thefilm

1914Weakling, Thefilm

1913$20,000 Carat, Thefilm

1913A Bolt from the Skyfilm

1913A Streak of Yellowfilm

1913Adventure of an Heiress, Thefilm

1913American Princess, Thefilm

1913Artist's Sacrifice, Thefilm

1913Atheist, Thefilm

1913Attorney for the Defense, Thefilm

1913Cloak of Guilt, Thefilm

1913For Her Sister's Sakefilm

1913Heart of an Actress, Thefilm

1913Hunchback, Thefilm

1913In the Grip of a Charlatanfilm

1913In the Power of Blacklegsfilm

1913Midnight Message, Thefilm

1913Nurse at Mulberry Bend, Thefilm

1913Our New Ministerfilm

1913Pawnbroker's Daughter, Thefilm

1913Perils of the Seafilm

1913Sneak, Thefilm

1913The Christianfilm

1913The Cub Reporter's Temptationfilm

1913The Exposure of the Land Swindlersfilm

1913The Flag of Freedomfilm

1913The Octoroonfilm

1913The Senator's Dishonorfilm

1913Thief in the Night, Afilm

1913Unseen Terror, Anfilm

1913Victim of Deceit, Afilm

1913When Fate Decreesfilm

1912A Battle of Witsfilm

1912A Business Buccaneerfilm

1912A Daughter's Sacrificefilm

1912A Princess of the Hillsfilm

1912A Race with Timefilm

1912An American Invasionfilm

1912An Interrupted Weddingfilm

1912Fantasca, the Gipsyfilm

1912Freed from Suspicionfilm

1912Jean of the Jailfilm

1912Saved by Telephonefilm

1912The Adventures of American Joefilm

1912The Alcalde's Conspiracyfilm

1912The Bag of Goldfilm

1912The Bell of Penancefilm

1912The Colonel's Escapefilm

1912The County Fairfilm

1912The Defeat of the Brewery Gangfilm

1912The Family Tyrantfilm

1912The Finger of Suspicionfilm

1912The Gun Smugglersfilm

1912The Mexican Revolutionistfilm

1912The Mystery of Grandfather's Clockfilm

1912The Organ Grinderfilm

1912The Outlawfilm

1912The Russian Peasantfilm

1912The Secret of the Miser's Cavefilm

1912The Soldier Brothers of Susannafilm

1912The Spanish Revolt of 1836film

1912The Stolen Inventionfilm

1912The Strange Story of Elsie Masonfilm

1912The Street Singerfilm

1912The Suffragette Sherifffilm

1912The Wandering Musicianfilm

1912The Young Millionairefilm

1911A Cattle Herder's Romancefilm

1911A Prisoner of Mexicofilm

1911Between Father and Sonfilm

1911Big Hearted Jimfilm

1911By the Aid of a Lariatfilm

1911Dan, the Lighthouse Keeperfilm

1911Don Ramon's Daughterfilm

1911For Her Brother's Sakefilm

1911How Betty Captured the Outlawfilm

1911Mexican Filibusterersfilm

1911On the Warpathfilm

1911Over the Garden Wallfilm

1911Peggy, the Moonshiner's Daughterfilm

1911Reckless Reddy Reformsfilm


1911Slim Jim's Last Chancefilm

1911The Alpine Leasefilm

1911The Badge of Couragefilm

1911The Blackfoot Halfbreedfilm

1911The Branded Shoulderfilm

1911The Broken Trailfilm

1911The Engineer's Daughterfilm

1911The Higher Tollfilm

1911The Indian Maid's Sacrificefilm

1911The Long Arm of the Lawfilm

1911The Lost Ribbonfilm

1911The Love of Summer Mornfilm

1911The Loyalty of Don Luis Verdugofilm

1911The Mexican Joan of Arcfilm

1911The Mission Carrierfilm

1911The Mistress of Hacienda del Cerrofilm

1911The Peril of the Plainsfilm

1911The Temptation of Rodney Vanefilm

1911The Trail of the Pomas Charmfilm

1911The Waspfilm

1911Too Much Realismfilm

1911When California Was Wonfilm

1911When the Sun Went Outfilm

1910Her Indian Motherfilm

1910Rescue of Molly Finney, Thefilm

1910The Roses of the Virginfilm

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