Hobart Bosworth (1867 - 1943)

Hobart Bosworth, Actor: The Big Parade. Hobart Bosworth--pioneering movie director, writer, producer and actor--was born Hobart Van Zandt Bosworth on August 11, 1867, in Marietta, OH. He was a direct descendant of Miles Standish and John and Priscilla Alden on his father's side and of New York's Van Zandt family, the first Dutch settlers to land in the New World, on his mother's side. Bosworth was always proud of his lineage. After his ...

Marietta, Ohio, USA
(76 let) Glendale, California, USA
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Sedmá kavalérie
The Show of Shows
The Show of Shows
One Foot in Heaven
One Foot in Heaven
The Gay Sisters
The Gay Sisters
Million Dollar Legs
Million Dollar Legs

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1914Burning Daylightfilm

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1914Burning Daylight: The Adventures of 'Burning Daylight' in Civilizationfilm

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1913Buck Richard's Bridefilm

1913Fate Fashions a Letterfilm

1913Greater Wealthfilm

1913In God We Trustfilm

1913In the Days of Witchcraftfilm

1913In the Midst of the Junglefilm

1913Pierre of the Northfilm

1913Rancher's Failing, Thefilm

1913Songs of Trucefilm

1913The Artist and the Brutefilm

1913The Girl and the Judgefilm

1913The Love of Penelopefilm

1913The Sea Wolffilm

1913The Young Mrs. Eamesfilm

1913Unseen Defense, Thefilm

1912A Crucial Testfilm

1912A Reconstructed Rebelfilm

1912Arthur Preston Hankinsfilm

1912As Told by Princess Bessfilm



1912Child of the Wilderness, Afilm

1912Darkfeather's Strategyfilm


1912Getting Atmospherefilm

1912Girl of the Mountains, Thefilm

1912Hand of Fate, Thefilm

1912Harbor Islandfilm

1912Hobo, Thefilm

1912In the Tents of the Asrafilm

1912Junior Officer, Thefilm

1912Land Sharks vs. Sea Dogsfilm

1912Legend of the Lost Arrow, Thefilm

1912Merely a Millionairefilm

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1912The Shrinking Rawhidefilm

1912The Testfilm

1912The Vintage of Fatefilm

1912The Vision Beautifulfilm

1912Trade Gun Bullet, Thefilm

1911A Counterfeit Santa Claus, Afilm

1911A Cup of Cold Waterfilm

1911A Frontier Girl's Couragefilm

1911A Painter's Idylfilm

1911An Indian Vestalfilm


1911Coals of Firefilm

1911Convert of San Clemente, Thefilm


1911George Warrington's Escapefilm

1911How They Stopped the Run on the Bankfilm

1911In Old California When the Gringos Camefilm

1911In the Days of Goldfilm

1911In the Shadow of the Pinesfilm

1911It Happened in the Westfilm

1911John Oakhurst, Gamblerfilm

1911Little Injinfilm

1911McKee Rankin's '49'film

1911Modern Rip, Afilm

1911New Faith, Thefilm

1911One of Nature's Noblemenfilm

1911Padre, Thefilm

1911Range Palsfilm

1911Sacrifice to Civilization, Afilm

1911Saved from the Snowfilm

1911Sheriff of Tuolomne, Thefilm

1911Spy, Thefilm

1911Stability vs. Nobilityfilm

1911The Bootleggerfilm

1911The Chief's Daughterfilm

1911The Code of Honorfilm

1911The Maid at the Helmfilm

1911The Novicefilm

1911The Profligatefilm

1911The Right Name, But the Wrong Manfilm

1911The Totem Markfilm

1911The Voyager: A Tale of Old Canadafilm

1910A Tale of the Seafilm

1910Across the Plainsfilm

1910Common Enemy, Thefilm

1910Davy Crockettfilm

1910In the Great Northwestfilm

1910Justinian and Theodorafilm

1910The Courtship of Miles Standishfilm

1910The Romanfilm

1910The Sergeantfilm

1910The Wonderful Wizard of Ozfilm

1909Boots and Saddlesfilm

1909Briton and Boerfilm

1909Christian Martyrs, Thefilm

1909In the Badlandsfilm

1909In the Sultan's Powerfilm

1909On the Borderfilm

1909Pine Ridge Feudfilm

1909The Leopard Queenfilm

1909The Stampedefilm

1909The Tenderfootfilm

1909Up San Juan Hillfilm

1908Damon and Pythiasfilm

1908Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hydefilm

1908On Thanksgiving Dayfilm

1908Rip Van Winklefilm

1908The Spirit of '76film

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