Valerie Breiman

Valerie Breiman, Director: Love & Sex. Ms Breiman was born in San Francisco in 1964, youngest of five, to an architect father and mother who made children's television shows. When she was nine the parents split and she was brought up by her mother, who introduced her to her love of cinema. Acting and modelling in her teens she enrolled at the San Francisco State University to read journalism but dropped out and returned to acting, ...
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42 Holky na obzoru
Holky na obzoru
48 Noc v letadle
Noc v letadle
54 Láska a sex
Láska a sex
58 Komando v bikinách
Komando v bikinách

2012Noc v letadlefilm

2000Láska a sexfilm

1993Komando v bikináchfilm

1989Holky na obzorufilm

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