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Sandy Duncan, Actress: The Swan Princess. This wholesome "Chatty Cathy" delight had all the earmarkings of becoming a dithery TV star in the early 70s and a couple of sitcom vehicles were handed to her with silver platter-like enthusiasm. Neither, however, made the best use of her elfin charm and both series died a quick death. Nonetheless, Sandy Duncan went on to become a Disney film ...

Henderson, Texas, USA
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Sandy Duncan oblíbené filmy

68 Labutí princezna
Labutí princezna
84 Půlnoční kovboj
Půlnoční kovboj
78 Liška a pes
Liška a pes
46 Zemětřesení na dálnici 880
Zemětřesení na dálnici 880
69 Rock a Doodle aneb jak sluníčko zase vyšlo
Rock a Doodle aneb jak sluníčko zase vyšlo
Never Again
Never Again

2001G Spots?film

2001Never Againfilm

1996Titser kong pogi, Angfilm

1994Labutí princeznafilm

1993Zemětřesení na dálnici 880TV film

1991Rock a Doodle aneb jak sluníčko zase vyšlofilm

1989My Boyfriend's BackTV film

1984My Little PonyTV film

1981Liška a pesfilm

1978Kocour z vesmírufilm

1976Christmas in DisneylandTV film

1976PinocchioTV film

1971Hvězdná dívkafilm

1971Million Dollar Duck, Thefilm

1969Půlnoční kovbojfilm

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