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Kristin Fairlie, Actress: Total DramaRama. Kristin Fairlie is an award-winning actress and singer. She made her feature film debut, opposite Demi Moore, Gary Oldman and Robert Duvall in Sarlatové písmeno (1995). Kristin is a Young Artist of Hollywood Award Winner for her lead role in the Showtime movie The Sweetest Gift (1998). She has starred opposite such noted talent as ...

Scarborough, Ontario, Kanada
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76 Smrt panen
Smrt panen
73 Sestra i matka
Sestra i matka
64 Šarlatové písmeno
Šarlatové písmeno
61 Babar král slonů
Babar král slonů
54 Právo na život
Právo na život
The Silence of Adultery
The Silence of Adultery

2011Moon Pointfilm

2009You Might as Well Livefilm

2008Poker Nightfilm

2006DoomstownTV film

2006Repo! The Genetic Operafilm

2005Skok do neznámaTV film

2004Sestra i matkaTV film

2003SyndromTV film


2001Poslední šanceTV film

2001Právo na životTV film

1999Babar král slonůfilm

1999Smrt panenfilm

1999Vanished Without a TraceTV film

1998Sweetest Gift, TheTV film

1997The Defenders: PaybackTV film

1995Silence of Adultery, TheTV film

1995Šarlatové písmenofilm

1994Proti své vůliTV film

1993Candles, Snow and Mistletoefilm

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