George Fawcett

George Fawcett (1860 - 1939)

George Fawcett, Actor: Flesh and the Devil. A grand, stoic presence of the silent screen, George Fawcett was an immensely popular stage thespian both here and in London at the turn of the century. During his heyday his eloquence rivaled that of both Lionel Barrymore and John Barrymore. A graduate of Virginia University, he was a formidable fixture under the Broadway lights, appearing in such classic plays as "Ghosts" (1903) and "The Squaw ...

Alexandria, Virginia, USA
(78 let) Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA
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George Fawcett oblíbené filmy

59 The Merry Widow
The Merry Widow
80 Intolerance
Spring Fever
Spring Fever
84 Tělo a ďábel
Tělo a ďábel
The Private Life of Helen of Troy
The Private Life of Helen of Troy

1931A Woman of Experiencefilm

1931Personal Maidfilm

1931The Drums of Jeopardyfilm

1930Hello Sisterfilm

1930Men Are Like Thatfilm

1930Once a Gentlemanfilm

1930Román modelkyfilm

1930Swing Highfilm

1930The Bad Onefilm

1930Wild Companyfilm

1929Dáma z dlažbyfilm

1929Fancy Baggagefilm

1929Hearts in Exilefilm

1929His Captive Womanfilm

1929Hot for Parisfilm

1929Innocents of Parisfilm

1929Prince of Hearts, Thefilm

1929The Four Feathersfilm

1929The Gamblersfilm

1929The Great Dividefilm

1929Tide of Empirefilm

1929Wonder of Womenfilm

1928Prowlers of the Seafilm


1928The Little Wildcatfilm

1928The Wedding Marchfilm

1927Anna Kareninováfilm

1927Captain Salvationfilm

1927Duty's Rewardfilm

1927Hard-Boiled Haggertyfilm

1927Painting the Townfilm

1927Paying the Pricefilm

1927Riding to Famefilm

1927Rich Men's Sonsfilm

1927See You In Jailfilm


1927Spring Feverfilm

1927The Enemyfilm

1927The Private Life of Helen of Troyfilm

1927The Valley of the Giantsfilm

1927Tillie the Toilerfilm

1926Man of the Forestfilm

1926Men of Steelfilm

1926Out of the Stormfilm

1926Šejkův synfilm

1926Tělo a ďábelfilm

1926The Flaming Frontierfilm

1926There You Are!film

1926Two Can Playfilm

1926Under Western Skiesfilm

1926Waiter from the Ritz, Thefilm

1925Go Straightfilm

1925Home Maker, Thefilm


1925Nine and Three-Fifths Secondsfilm

1925Peacock Feathersfilm

1925Some Pun'kinsfilm

1925Souls for Sablesfilm

1925Sporting Chance, Thefilm

1925Sporting Venus, Thefilm

1925Thank Youfilm

1925The Circlefilm

1925The Fighting Cubfilm

1925The Mad Whirlfilm

1925The Merry Widowfilm

1925The Price of Pleasurefilm

1925The Verdictfilm

1925Up the Ladderfilm

1924Bedroom Window, Thefilm

1924Broken Barriersfilm

1924Her Love Storyfilm

1924In Every Woman's Lifefilm

1924Lost Lady, Afilm

1924Pied Piper Malonefilm

1924Přízeň bohůfilm

1924Tess of the D'Urbervillesfilm

1924The Breaking Pointfilm


1923Drums of Fatefilm

1923His Children's Childrenfilm


1923Java Headfilm

1923Just Like a Womanfilm

1923Mr. Billings Spends His Dimefilm

1923Only 38film

1923Salomy Janefilm

1923West of the Water Towerfilm

1923Woman with Four Faces, Thefilm

1922Beyond the Rainbowfilm

1922Destiny's Islefilm

1922Ebb Tidefilm

1922His Wife's Husbandfilm

1922Isle of Doubtfilm

1922John Smithfilm


1922Polly of the Folliesfilm

1922Silas Marnerfilm

1922The Curse of Drinkfilm

1922The Old Homesteadfilm

1921Burn 'Em Up Barnesfilm


1921Hush Moneyfilm

1921Chivalrous Charleyfilm

1921Lessons in Lovefilm

1921Little Italyfilm


1921Paying the Piperfilm

1921Sentimental Tommyfilm

1921The Way of a Maidfilm


1920Dangerous Businessfilm

1920Good Referencesfilm

1920Idols of Clayfilm

1920Little Miss Rebellionfilm

1920The Branded Womanfilm

1920Two Weeksfilm

1919A Romance of Happy Valleyfilm

1919I'll Get Him Yetfilm

1919Nobody Homefilm

1919Scarlet Daysfilm

1919The Fall of Babylona.z.

1919The Girl Who Stayed at Homefilm

1919The Greatest Questionfilm

1919Turning the Tablesfilm

1919Věrné srdcefilm

1918Beloved Traitor, Thefilm

1918Hearts of the Worldfilm

1918Hun Within, Thefilm

1918Lillian Gish in a Liberty Loan Appealfilm

1918The Great Lovefilm

1918The Hope Chestfilm

1918The Talk of the Townfilm

1917Friendship of Beaupere, Thefilm

1917Heart of Texas Ryan, Thefilm

1917Little Lost Sisterfilm


1917Shirley Kayefilm

1917The Cinderella Manfilm

1916Betty of Greystonefilm

1916Country That God Forgot, Thefilm

1916Habit of Happiness, Thefilm


1916Prince Chap, Thefilm

1916The Crisisfilm

1915Bill Haywood, Producerfilm

1915The Frame-Upfilm

1915The Majesty of the Lawfilm

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