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Julia Sweeney, Actress: It's Pat: The Movie. Benevolent, sweet-faced, actress and comedienne Julia Sweeney, who was born in 1959 in Spokane, Washington, is normally identified with one single, highly unappetizing androgynous character. This sniveling, chunky-framed, springy-haired, plaid shirt-wearing, grotesque-looking character named Pat was the basis of many hilarious sketches that toyed with revealing his/her true gender. The oldest of ...

Spokane, Washington, USA
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Univerzita pro příšerky
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Pulp Fiction: Historky z podsvětí
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Miláčku, zvětšil jsem naše dítě
61 Gremlins 2
Gremlins 2
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Bláznivá dovolená v Las Vegas
45 Ať to stojí, co to stojí
Ať to stojí, co to stojí

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