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Bill Switzer, Actor: Kidô senshi Gundam Seed. Although born in Houston, Bill Switzer moved with his family to Calgary a year after his birth and then to Vancouver in 1990. He worked as an actor in the Canadian film industry from 1995 until 2004 and worked in a variety of positions in a number of industries throughout Canada creating an uncommon set of skills and practical knowledge. From small engine mechanics to 3D modeling, voice acting to...

Vancouver, British Columbia, Kanada
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64 Vánoční přání
Vánoční přání
Mummies Alive! The Legend Begins
Mummies Alive! The Legend Begins
47 Spolek machrů
Spolek machrů
A Call to Remember
A Call to Remember
25 Správné styky
Správné styky
43 Lovec dinosaurů
Lovec dinosaurů

2002Spolek machrůfilm

2000Lovec dinosaurůTV film

2000Mail to the ChiefTV film

2000PohrdáníTV film

2000Tajemství pana Ricefilm

1999Hradba mlčeníTV film

1998Mummies Alive! The Legend Beginsfilm

1997Call to Remember, ATV film

1997Když je vrah na blízkufilm

1997Správné stykyTV film

1997Vánoční přáníTV film

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