Martha O'Driscoll (1922 - 1998)

Martha O'Driscoll, Actress: House of Dracula. Another gorgeous "B" movie blonde who came and went uneventfully in the 1940s, the beautiful Tulsa-born Martha O'Driscoll started off modeling as a child. Her parents were nonprofessionals. Trained in singing and dancing, Martha was discovered by choreographer Hermes Pan in a local theater production in Phoenix, AZ, which led to unbilled bits in musical movies from 1935. Once she had her foot in ...

Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
(76 let) Ocala, Florida, USA
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Martha O'Driscoll oblíbené filmy

82 Karibští piráti
Karibští piráti
Young and Willing
Young and Willing
62 Draculův dům
Draculův dům
77 The Lady Eve
The Lady Eve
Crazy House
Crazy House
The Fallen Sparrow
The Fallen Sparrow

1949Fun on the Runa.z.

1947Carnegie Hallfilm

1946Blonde Alibifilm

1946Criminal Courtfilm

1946Down Missouri Wayfilm

1945Daltons Ride Again, Thefilm

1945Draculův důmfilm

1945Her Lucky Nightfilm

1945Here Come the Co-edsfilm

1945Shady Ladyfilm

1945Under Western Skiesfilm

1944Allergic to Lovefilm

1944Ghost Catchersfilm

1944Hi, Beautifulfilm

1944Jdi za chlapcifilm

1944Prices Unlimitedfilm

1944Weekend Passfilm

1943Crazy Housefilm

1943The Fallen Sparrowfilm

1943We've Never Been Lickedfilm

1943Young and Willingfilm

1942Karibští pirátifilm

1942My Heart Belongs to Daddyfilm

1942The Remarkable Andrewfilm

1942Youth on Paradefilm

1941Henry Aldrich for Presidentfilm

1941Her First Beaufilm

1941Pacific Blackoutfilm

1941The Lady Evefilm

1940Forty Little Mothersfilm


1940Li'l Abnerfilm

1940Wagon Trainfilm

1939Judge Hardy and Sonfilm

1939The Secret of Dr. Kildarefilm

1938Girls' Schoolfilm

1938Mad About Musicfilm

1937She's Dangerousfilm

1936Three Cheers for Lovefilm

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