Joi Lansing (1929 - 1972)

Joi Lansing, Actress: Touch of Evil. Joi Lansing was born Joyce Renee Brown on April 6, 1929 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She was a young lady who developed, physically, early as a teen. Because of her striking good looks, she began to model and was extremely successful throughout the 1940s. It was only natural that her physical assets eventually landed her on the silver screen. Her first...

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
(43 let) Santa Monica, California, USA
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Joi Lansing oblíbené filmy

87 Zpívání v dešti
Zpívání v dešti
Who Was That Lady?
Who Was That Lady?
82 Dotek zla
Dotek zla
84 Velikonoční přehlídka
Velikonoční přehlídka
68 In the Good Old Summertime
In the Good Old Summertime
The French Line
The French Line



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1965Manželství na druhý pokusfilm

1960Who Was That Lady?film

1959But Not for Mefilm

1959Díra v hlavěfilm

1959It Started with a Kissfilm

1959The Atomic Submarinefilm

1958Dotek zlafilm

1958Fountain of Youth, TheTV film

1958Queen of Outer Spacefilm

1956Brave One, Thefilm

1956Hot Carsfilm

1956Hot Shotsfilm

1956So You Think the Grass Is Greenerfilm

1956Terror at Midnightfilm

1955Finger Manfilm

1955So You Want to Be a Policemanfilm

1955So You Want to Be a

1955Son of Sinbadfilm

1954So You Want to Go to a Night Clubfilm

1954So You're Taking in a Roomerfilm

1953The French Linefilm

1952Glory Alleyfilm

1952The Merry Widowfilm

1952Zpívání v deštifilm

1951FBI Girlfilm

1951On the Rivierafilm

1951Pier 23film

1951Two Tickets to Broadwayfilm

1949In the Good Old Summertimefilm

1949Láska s potížemifilm

1949Neptune's Daughterfilm

1949The Girl from Jones Beachfilm

1948Blondie's Secretfilm

1948Counterfeiters, Thefilm

1948Julia Misbehavesfilm

1948Velikonoční přehlídkafilm

1947Linda Be Goodfilm

1947When a Girl's Beautifulfilm

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