Terry Cunningham

Terry Cunningham, Director: Love Finds You in Sugarcreek. Born and raised in Cinnaminson, New Jersey, Terry later moved to Phoenix, Arizona where he graduated from Brophy College Preparatory. In 1992 he moved to Los Angeles and quickly landed a PA position on Poslední akcní hrdina (1993) and found his mentor in Executive Producer Robert E. Relyea. In 1993 Relyea was named President of Production for MGM/UA and Terry joined him as his ...
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Jack Hunter: Nebeská hvězda
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Jack Hunter: Prokletí hrobky Achnatona
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Honba za klenotem Eldorada
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Jack Hunter: Ztracený poklad Ugaritů
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Aljašský express
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El Dorado: Chrám Slunce

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