Rupert Julian (1879 - 1943)

Rupert Julian, Actor: The Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin. Coming to the US at the age of 34, New Zealand-born Rupert Julian started his career as a stage and screen actor touring Australia and New Zealand. Having made his name (and a cool million for Universal) as a dead ringer for Kaiser Wilhelm II in the 1918 film The Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin (1918), he turned director. His output was mostly routine...

Auckland, Nový Zéland
(64 let) Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
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Rupert Julian oblíbené filmy

77 Fantom opery
Fantom opery
The Cat Creeps
The Cat Creeps
The Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin
The Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin
Walking Back
Walking Back
The Eyes of Fear
The Eyes of Fear

1930Love Comes Alongfilm

1930The Cat Creepsfilm

1928The Leopard Ladyfilm

1928Walking Backfilm

1927The Country Doctorfilm

1927Vládce oceánufilm


1926Three Faces Eastfilm

1925Fantom operyfilm

1925Hell's Highroadfilm

1924Love and Gloryfilm


1922The Girl Who Ran Wildfilm

1920The Honey Beefilm

1919Creaking Stairsfilm

1919Millionaire Pirate, Thefilm

1919The Fire Flingersfilm

1919The Sleeping Lionfilm

1918Fires of Youthfilm

1918Hands Downfilm

1918Hungry Eyesfilm

1918Midnight Madnessfilm

1918The Kaiser, the Beast of Berlinfilm

1917A Kentucky Cinderellafilm

1917Circus of Life, Thefilm

1917Desire of the Moth, Thefilm

1917Door Between, Thefilm

1917Mother o' Minefilm

1917Mysterious Mr. Tiller, Thefilm

1917Savage, Thefilm

1917The Gift Girlfilm

1916Arthur's Last Flingfilm

1916As Fate Decidesfilm

1916Bettina Loved a Soldierfilm

1916Blackmailer, Thefilm

1916Desperado, Thefilm

1916Eyes of Fear, Thefilm

1916False Gemsfilm

1916Human Cactus, Thefilm

1916John Pellet's Dreamfilm

1916Little Boy Bluefilm

1916Marriage of Arthur, Thefilm

1916Naked Heartsfilm

1916Red Lie, Thefilm

1916Romance at Randomfilm

1916The Bugler of Algiersfilm

1916The Evil Women Dofilm

1916The Fur Trimmed Coatfilm

1916The Right to Be Happyfilm

1916The Turn of the Wheelfilm

1916Underworld, Thefilm

1915Evil of Suspicion, Thefilm

1915One Hundred Years Agofilm

1915Water Clue, Thefilm

1915Where the Trail Ledfilm

1915White Feather Volunteer, Afilm

1914Out of the Depthsfilm

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