Forrester Harvey

Forrester Harvey (1884 - 1945)

Forrester Harvey, Actor: The Invisible Man. For over 30 years he was a fixture in Hollywood films that were set in England, Ireland or Scotland, His first film appearance was as Jock Gordon in 'The Lilac Sunbonnet' (1922) which told the story of a supposedly innocent young girl who is anything but as an ingenue. Harvey played a man smitten with love. During his time in Hollywood, he made some 116 films 14 of which were silents, when sound ...

Cork, Irsko
(61 let) Laguna Beach, California, USA
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Forrester Harvey oblíbené filmy

84 Neviditelný muž
Neviditelný muž
83 Mrtvá a živá
Mrtvá a živá
75 The Prince and the Pauper
The Prince and the Pauper
81 Captain Blood
Captain Blood
91 The Eagle and the Hawk
The Eagle and the Hawk
71 Confidential Agent
Confidential Agent

1966The Wolfmana.z.

1945Confidential Agentfilm

1945Scotland Yard Investigatorfilm

1944Secrets of Scotland Yardfilm

1943The Mysterious Doctorfilm

1942This Above Allfilm

1942V zajetí minulostifilm

1941Dr. Jekyll a pan Hydefilm

1941Mercy Islandfilm

1941Scotland Yardfilm

1941To je John Doefilm

1940Earl of Puddlestonefilm

1940Mrtvá a živáfilm

1940On Their Ownfilm

1940The Invisible Man Returnsfilm

1939Arrest Bulldog Drummondfilm

1939Bulldog Drummond's Secret Policefilm

1939I'm from Missourifilm

1939Let Us Livefilm

1939The Lady's from Kentuckyfilm

1939The Witness Vanishesfilm

1938Bulldog Drummond in Africafilm

1938Bulldog Drummond's Perilfilm


1938Mysterious Mr. Motofilm


1937Fight for Your Ladyfilm

1937Její domácí přítelfilm

1937Loď ztracených dušífilm

1937The Man Who Cried Wolffilm

1937The Prince and the Pauperfilm

1937Vítězný běhfilm

1936Lloyd's of Londonfilm

1936Love Before Breakfastfilm

1936The Return of Sophie Langfilm

1936Three Live Ghostsfilm

1935A Tale of Two Citiesfilm

1935Captain Bloodfilm


1935Kavalíři mořských hlubinfilm

1935The Gilded Lilyfilm

1935The Perfect Gentlemanfilm

1935The Woman in Redfilm

1935Vagabond Ladyfilm

1934Forsaking All Othersfilm

1934Great Expectationsfilm

1934Man of Two Worldsfilm


1934Pestrý závojfilm

1934The Mystery of Mr. Xfilm

1933Blind Adventurefilm

1933Destination Unknownfilm

1933Midnight Clubfilm

1933Neviditelný mužfilm

1933Podsvětí ve frakufilm

1933The Eagle and the Hawkfilm

1932-But the Flesh Is Weakfilm


1932Lovers Courageousfilm

1932Mystery Ranchfilm

1932Red Dustfilm

1932Sky Devilsfilm

1932Slzy láskyfilm

1932The Wet Paradefilm

1932Those We Lovefilm

1932Šanghajský expresfilm

1931A Tailor Made Manfilm

1929Ringing the Changesfilm


1926Cash on Deliveryfilm

1926If Youth But Knewfilm

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