Robert Z. Leonard (1889 - 1968)

Robert Z. Leonard, Director: The Great Ziegfeld. Chicago-born Robert Z. Leonard studied law at the University of Colorado, but the legal profession proved not to be his forte and he dropped out in favor of a career in the theatre. When his family moved to Hollywood in 1907 Leonard sought work in the fledgling film industry, starting as an actor with Selig Polyscope. Though he became an ...

Chicago, Illinois, USA
(78 let) Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA
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66 Zuzana Lenoxová
Zuzana Lenoxová
67 Pýcha a předsudek
Pýcha a předsudek
68 In the Good Old Summertime
In the Good Old Summertime
The Kings Thief
The Kings Thief
Third Finger, Left Hand
Third Finger, Left Hand

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1953The Clownfilm

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1949In the Good Old Summertimefilm

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1945Week-End at the Waldorffilm

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1942Stand by for Actionfilm

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1941Ziegfeld Girlfilm

1940New Moonfilm

1940Pýcha a předsudekfilm

1940Third Finger, Left Handfilm

1939Broadway Serenadefilm

1938The Girl of the Golden Westfilm

1937Byl lásky časfilm

1937The Fireflyfilm

1936Děvče z malého městafilm

1936Piccadilly Jimfilm

1936Velký Ziegfeldfilm

1935A Tale of Two Citiesfilm

1935After Office Hoursfilm


1935Princezna inkognitofilm

1934Outcast Ladyfilm

1933Peg o' My Heartfilm

1933Tančící Venušefilm

1933When Ladies Meetfilm

1932Lovers Courageousfilm

1932Strange Interludefilm

1931Five and Tenfilm

1931It's a Wise Childfilm

1931The Bachelor Fatherfilm

1931Zuzana Lenoxováfilm

1930In Gay Madridfilm

1930Let Us Be Gayfilm




1928A Lady of Chancefilm

1928Baby Minefilm

1928Cardboard Lover, Thefilm

1928Five O'Clock Girl, Thefilm

1927A Little Journeyfilm

1927Adam and Evilfilm

1927Demi-Bride, Thefilm

1927Tea for Threefilm

1926Boj o pohlavífilm

1926Dance Madnessfilm

1926Mademoiselle Modistefilm

1925Bright Lightsfilm

1925Cheaper to Marryfilm

1925Time, the Comedianfilm

1924Love's Wildernessfilm

1924Mademoiselle Midnightfilm

1924Svůdná kouzelnicefilm

1923Fashion Rowfilm


1923The French Dollfilm

1922Broadway Rosefilm


1922Peacock Alleyfilm

1921Heedless Mothsfilm

1921The Gilded Lilyfilm

1920April Follyfilm

1920Stronger Than Deathfilm

1920The Restless Sexfilm

1919Big Little Personfilm

1919The Delicious Little Devilfilm

1919The Miracle of Lovefilm

1919The Scarlet Shadowfilm

1919Way of a Woman, Thefilm

1919What Am I Bid?film

1918Danger, Go Slowfilm

1918Face Valuefilm

1918Her Body in Bondfilm

1918Modern Lovefilm

1918The Bride's Awakeningfilm

1917A Mormon Maidfilm

1917At First Sightfilm

1917Forest Nymph, Thefilm

1917Human Flames, Thefilm

1917Life's Pendulumfilm

1917On Recordfilm

1917Please Be My Wifefilm

1917Princess Virtuefilm

1917Punishment, Thefilm

1917Racing Deathfilm

1917Robinson Crusoefilm

1917The Diamond Thievesfilm

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1917The Primrose Ringfilm

1917The Sin Unatonedfilm

1916Eagle's Wings, Thefilm

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1916Little Eve Edgartonfilm

1916Secret Lovefilm

1916The Boob's Victoryfilm

1916The Crippled Handfilm

1916The Love Girlfilm

1916The Plow Girlfilm

1916The Silent Man of Timber Gulchfilm

1916The Silent Memberfilm

1916The Unfinished Casefilm

1916The Winning of Miss Construefilm

1916Woman Who Followed Me, Thefilm

1916Yust from Swedenfilm

1915A Boob's Romancefilm

1915Betty's Dream Herofilm

1915Both Sides of Lifefilm

1915Christmas Memoriesfilm


1915Idols of Clayfilm

1915Judge Not; or The Woman of Mona Diggingsfilm

1915Mavis of the Glenfilm

1915Shattered Memoriesfilm

1915The Little Blonde in Blackfilm

1915The Silent Commandfilm

1914A Man, a Girl and Another Manfilm

1914Boob Incognito, Thefilm

1914Boob There Was, Afilm

1914Boob's Honeymoon, Thefilm

1914For the Family Honorfilm

1914For the Secret Servicefilm

1914Fourth Proposal, Thefilm

1914From Father to Sonfilm

1914In the Eye of the Lawfilm

1914Law Unto Himself, Afilm

1914Michael Arnold and Doctor Lynnfilm

1914Mountain Lawfilm

1914Mud Bath Elopement, Thefilm

1914Race with Death, Afilm

1914Senator's Bill, Thefilm

1914Shadowed Livesfilm

1914Sherlock Boob, Thefilm

1914Swede Larsonfilm

1914The Boob's Legacyfilm

1914The Boob's Nemesisfilm

1914The Bowl of Rosesfilm

1914The House Discordantfilm

1914The Master Keyfilm

1914The Mistress of Deadwood Basinfilm

1914The Ruby Circlefilm

1914When Fate Disposesfilm

1913A Woman's Follyfilm

1913Sally Scraggs: Housemaidfilm

1913The Diamond Makersfilm

1913When the Prince Arrivedfilm

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