Barnett Parker (1886 - 1941)

Barnett Parker, Actor: Marie Antoinette. Within the British colony of expatriate actors in Hollywood during the 1930's, Barnett Parker was among the most stereotypical. Harrowgate College-educated, straight-backed, balding and well-intoned, Parker caricatured a multitude of unctuous, stiff-upper-lip butlers, man-servants or waiters, though his performances could, at times, verge on the ...

Batley, Yorkshire, Anglie, Velká Británie
(54 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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Barnett Parker oblíbené filmy

77 Marie Antoinetta
Marie Antoinetta
69 Nerozhodný drak
Nerozhodný drak
96 A Woman Rebels
A Woman Rebels
80 Double Wedding
Double Wedding
78 Děvče se špatnou pověstí
Děvče se špatnou pověstí
Ready, Willing and Able
Ready, Willing and Able

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1939Babes in Armsfilm

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1939V cirkusefilm

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1938Listen, Darlingfilm

1938Love Is a Headachefilm

1938Marie Antoinettafilm

1938Sally, Irene and Maryfilm

1938The Girl Downstairsfilm

1937Broadway Melody of 1938film

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1937Double Weddingfilm


1937Její domácí přítelfilm

1937Live, Love and Learnfilm

1937Married Before Breakfastfilm

1937Námořní kadetifilm

1937Ready, Willing and Ablefilm

1937The Emperor's Candlesticksfilm

1937The Last Of Mrs. Cheyneyfilm

1937Wake Up and Livefilm

1937We Who Are About to Diefilm

1937When You're in Lovefilm

1936A Girl's Best Yearsfilm

1936A Woman Rebelsfilm

1936Adventure in Manhattanfilm

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1920The Misleading Ladyfilm

1916Prudence, the Piratefilm

1916The Flight of the Duchessfilm

1916The Traffic Copfilm

1915Bill Bunks the Banditfilm

1915Capers of College Chapsfilm

1915Con, the Car Conductorfilm

1915Dicky's Demon Dachshundfilm

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