Mohamed Zouaoui

Mohamed Zouaoui, Actor: Farida. Mohamed Zouaoui, is a Tunisian-born actor living in Italy best known for playing Mokhtar in Golakani Kirkuk - The Flowers of Kirkuk (2010) . In 2004 he made his first appearance on the television, gets his first role in the TV miniseries Posso chiamarti amore?. He also acted in Nassiryia - Per non dimenticare (Nasiriyah - Lest we forget), Capri, ...
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62 Beirut
Golakani Kirkuk - The Flowers of Kirkuk
Golakani Kirkuk - The Flowers of Kirkuk
Amici come noi
Amici come noi
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Carta bianca


2018Dead on Timefilm

2017Noble Earthfilm

2014Amici come noifilm

2013Carta biancafilm

2010Golakani Kirkuk - The Flowers of Kirkukfilm

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