Kurt Naebig

Kurt Naebig, Actor: Public Enemies. Kurt Naebig was born in Chicago to parents Arthur and Christine. He spent most of his formative years in Chicago and Cicero. Growing up, Kurt was always business oriented: he had numerous paper routes, worked at flea markets, and sold produce door to door. At age 11 he got on his first skateboard and his life changed. He began competing around the ...
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83 Road to Perdition
Road to Perdition
82 Expres
73 Veřejní nepřátelé
Veřejní nepřátelé
48 Noční můra v Elm Street
Noční můra v Elm Street
69 Henry: Portrét masového vraha
Henry: Portrét masového vraha
43 Neplodná obrana
Neplodná obrana

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2010Noční můra v Elm Streetfilm

2009Veřejní nepřáteléfilm


2008Neplodná obranafilm

2003Oh! My Dear Desirefilm

2002Road to Perditionfilm


1992OverexposedTV film

1992Under Cover of Darknessfilm

1991DillingerTV film

1989Cold Justicefilm

1989Howard Beach: Making a Case for MurderTV film

1987Night of CourageTV film

1986Henry: Portrét masového vrahafilm

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