Robert Barrat (1889 - 1970)

Robert Barrat, Actor: Go West. Robert Barrat pursued a stage career on Broadway from 1918 to 1932. He did sample a scant three silent movies starting in 1915, but returned to stage work. Barrat had a distinguished enough visage but also a well knit physique that would foretell a busy career in films with many featured character roles which he turned to in 1932. He therefore portrayed lawyers, business owners, and officials of ...

New York City, New York, USA
(80 let) Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
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Robert Barrat oblíbené filmy

77 Marie Antoinetta
Marie Antoinetta
82 Poslední svého rodu
Poslední svého rodu
71 Marie Stuartovna
Marie Stuartovna
77 Union Pacific
Union Pacific
80 Moře trávy
Moře trávy
71 Cesta na severozápad
Cesta na severozápad

1955Tall Man Ridingfilm

1953Cow Countryfilm

1952Denver a Rio Grandefilm

1952Son of Ali Babafilm

1951Darling, How Could You!film

1951Distant Drumsfilm

1951Double Crossbonesfilm

1951Flight to Marsfilm

1951The Pride of Marylandfilm

1950American Guerrilla in the Philippinesfilm

1950Davy Crockett, Indian Scoutfilm

1950Riders of the Rangefilm

1950The Baron of Arizonafilm

1950The Kid from Texasfilm

1949Bad Men of Tombstonefilm

1949Canadian Pacificfilm

1949Song of Indiafilm

1949The Doolins of Oklahomafilm

1949The Lone Wolf and His Ladyfilm

1948I Love Troublefilm

1948Johanka z Arcufilm


1947Moře trávyfilm

1947Road to Riofilm

1947The Fabulous Texanfilm

1946Dangerous Millionsfilm

1946Just Before Dawnfilm

1946Magnificent Dollfilm

1946Strangler of the Swampfilm

1946Sunset Passfilm

1946The Time of Their Livesfilm

1945Byli obětovánifilm


1945Grissly's Millionsfilm

1945Road to Utopiafilm

1945San Antoniofilm

1945The Great John

1945Wanderer of the Wastelandfilm

1944Dobrodružství Marka Twainafilm

1944Enemy of Womenfilm

1944The Keys of the Kingdomfilm

1943A Stranger in Townfilm

1943Bomber's Moonfilm

1943Johnny Come Latelyfilm

1943They Came to Blow Up Americafilm

1942American Empirefilm

1942Fall Infilm

1942The Girl from Alaskafilm

1941Parachute Battalionfilm

1941Riders of the Purple Sagefilm

1941They Met In Argentinafilm

1940Captain Cautionfilm

1940Cesta na severozápadfilm

1940Fugitive From a Prison Campfilm

1940Jdi na Západfilm


1940The Man from Dakotafilm

1939Bad Landsfilm

1939Colorado Sunsetfilm


1939Heritage of the Desertfilm

1939Man of Conquestfilm

1939Return of the Cisco Kidfilm

1939The Cisco Kid and the Ladyfilm

1939Union Pacificfilm

1939Vysoko v horáchfilm

1938Breaking the Icefilm


1938Charlie Chan in Honolulufilm

1938Forbidden Valleyfilm

1938Marie Antoinettafilm


1938Shadows Over Shanghaifilm

1938Texaští střelcifilm

1937Black Legionfilm


1937Draegerman Couragefilm

1937God's Country and the Womanfilm

1937Love Is on the Airfilm

1937Loď ztracených dušífilm

1937Mountain Justicefilm

1937The Bad Man of Brimstonefilm

1937The Barrierfilm

1937The Life of Emile Zolafilm

1936Exclusive Storyfilm

1936I Married a Doctorfilm

1936Marie Stuartovnafilm

1936Poslední svého rodufilm

1936Sons o' Gunsfilm

1936The Country Doctorfilm

1936The Trail of the Lonesome Pinefilm

1936Trailin' Westfilm

1936Útok lehké kavaleriefilm


1935Captain Bloodfilm

1935Devil Dogs of the Airfilm

1935Dr. Socratesfilm

1935Dressed to Thrillfilm

1935Moonlight on the Prairiefilm

1935Special Agentfilm


1935The Florentine Daggerfilm

1935The Murder Manfilm

1935Village Talefilm

1935While the Patient Sleptfilm

1934A Very Honorable Guyfilm

1934Big Hearted Herbertfilm

1934Dark Hazardfilm

1934Fog Over Friscofilm

1934Friends of Mr. Sweeneyfilm

1934Gambling Ladyfilm

1934Here Comes the Navyfilm

1934Hi, Nellie!film


1934I Am a Thieffilm

1934I Sell Anythingfilm


1934Midnight Alibifilm

1934Not Tonight, Josephinefilm

1934Return of the Terrorfilm

1934The Dragon Murder Casefilm

1934The Firebirdfilm

1934The St. Louis Kidfilm


1934Wonder Barfilm

1933Ann Carver's Professionfilm

1933Baby Facefilm


1933From Headquartersfilm

1933Heroes for Salefilm

1933I Loved a Womanfilm

1933King of the Junglefilm

1933Lilly Turnerfilm

1933Picture Snatcherfilm

1933Secret of the Blue Roomfilm

1933The Devil's in Lovefilm

1933The Kennel Murder Casefilm

1933The Life of Jimmy Dolanfilm

1933The Mayor of Hellfilm

1933The Mind Readerfilm

1933The Silk Expressfilm

1933Tugboat Anniefilm

1933Vůz Jeho Veličenstvafilm

1933Wild Boys of the Roadfilm

1932Pack Up Your Troublesfilm

1932The Wiser Sexfilm

1931Honor Among Loversfilm

1921Whispering Shadowsfilm

1920The Wonder Manfilm

1915Her Own Wayfilm

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