Alfred J. Goulding (1884 - 1972)

Alfred J. Goulding, Director: Dick Barton: Special Agent. Australian-born Alf Goulding was a former vaudevillian who became a director specializing in comedy shorts. He directed Harold Lloyd comedies for Hal Roach, and in the early 1920s joined Mack Sennett, then turned out two-reelers at RKO and Columbia, sometimes featuring Edgar Kennedy. In England after World War II, he directed a slew of "quota ...

Melbourne, Victoria, Austrálie
(88 let) Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
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Alfred J. Goulding oblíbené filmy

Tip Tap Toe
Tip Tap Toe
Derby Decade
Derby Decade
76 Laurel a Hardy studují
Laurel a Hardy studují
82 On ve strašidelném domě
On ve strašidelném domě
The Dark Road
The Dark Road
Sam Small Leaves Town
Sam Small Leaves Town

1959Laffing Timefilm

1954Devil's Jest, Thefilm

1951Laurel a Hardy zdědili ostrovfilm

1948Dark Road, Thefilm

1948Dick Barton: Special Agentfilm

1942Yank in Australia, Afilm

1940Laurel a Hardy studujífilm

1940Olympic Honeymoonfilm

1938Gang Show, Thefilm

1937Sam Small Leaves Townfilm

1937Splinters in the Airfilm

1936Everything Is Rhythmfilm

1936One Good Turnfilm

1936Two Lame Ducksfilm

1935A Night at the Biltmore Bowlfilm

1935Bring 'Em Back a Liefilm

1935Double Crossedfilm

1935His Bridal Sweetfilm

1935Home Workfilm

1935It Never Rainsfilm

1935Little Big Top, Thefilm

1935My Girl Sallyfilm

1935Night Lifefilm

1935Old Spanish Onion, Anfilm

1935Ticket or Leave Itfilm

1935Tuned Outfilm

1935Would You Be Willing?film

1934A Blasted Eventfilm

1934Derby Decadefilm

1934Gentlemen of Polishfilm

1934Poisoned Ivoryfilm

1934Southern Stylefilm

1934Torch Tango, Afilm

1934When Do We Eat?film

1934Wrong Directionfilm

1933Build-Up, Thefilm

1933Buzzin' Aroundfilm


1933California Weatherfilm

1933How've You Bean?film

1933Idle Roomer, Anfilm

1933Knee Deep in Musicfilm

1933Trouble Indemnityfilm


1932Absent Minded Abnerfilm

1932Close Friendsfilm


1932Hey, Pop!film

1932His Honor -- Penrodfilm

1932Hot Dogfilm

1932Penrod's Bull Penfilm

1932Rambling 'Round Radio Row #1film

1932Run Around, Thefilm

1932Sherlock's Homefilm

1932Tip Tap Toefilm

1931Eyes Have It, Thefilm

1931Good Pie Foreverfilm

1931Her Wedding Night-Marefilm

1931Hot News Margiefilm

1931Hot Sandsfilm

1931In the Familyfilm

1931Last but Not Leasedfilm

1931Naggards Go Rooting, Thefilm

1931Naggers' Day of Rest, Thefilm

1931One Good Deedfilm

1931Service Stripesfilm

1931Snakes Alivefilm


1931Unfair Sex, Thefilm

1931Where Men Are Menfilm

1930Big Moneyfilm

1930Follow the Swallowfilm

1930Good Morning Sherifffilm

1930Headache Man, Thefilm

1930Honk Your Hornfilm

1930Polished Ivoryfilm

1930Prize Puppiesfilm

1929All at Seafilm

1929Grass Skirtsfilm

1929Peaceful Alleyfilm

1929That Red-Headed Hussyfilm

1929The Rodeofilm

1929Toot Sweet!film

1928Run, Girl, Runfilm

1928Smith's Army Lifefilm

1928Smith's Holidayfilm

1928The Campus Carmenfilm

1928The Swim Princessfilm

1927Smith's Candy Shopfilm

1927Smith's Cookfilm

1927Smith's Cousinfilm

1927Smith's Fishing Tripfilm

1927Smith's Kindergartenfilm

1927Smith's Modiste Shopfilm

1927Smith's New Homefilm

1927Smith's Petsfilm

1927Smith's Ponyfilm

1927The Pride of Pikevillefilm


1926Hot Cakes for Twofilm

1926Muscle-Bound Musicfilm

1926Smith's Picnicfilm


1925Excuse Mefilm

1925Horace Greeley,

1925White Wing's Bride, Thefilm

1924Jack and the Beanstalkfilm

1924Peg o' the Mountedfilm

1924Such Is Lifefilm


1923Hansel and Gretelfilm

1923Kid Reporter, Thefilm

1923Miles of Smilesfilm

1923Nobody's Darlingfilm

1923Peg o' the Moviesfilm

1923Pleasure Before Businessfilm


1923Taking Ordersfilm

1922Apartment Wantedfilm

1922Freshman, Thefilm

1922Hello, Marsfilm

1922Little Red Riding Hoodfilm

1922Live Wiresfilm


1922Shipwrecked Among Animalsfilm

1922Short Weightfilm

1922Sic 'Em Browniefilm

1922Some Classfilm

1922The Rubberneckfilm

1922The Touchdownfilm

1922Three Weeks Offfilm

1922Upper and Lowerfilm

1921Big Gamefilm

1921Brownie's Baby Dollfilm

1921Family Affair, Afilm

1921Get-Rich-Quick Peggyfilm

1921High Lifefilm

1921High Rollersfilm

1921Mama's Cowpuncherfilm

1921Nervy Dentist, Thefilm

1921No Childrenfilm

1921Open Another Bottlefilm

1921Playing Possumfilm

1921Rough Seasfilm

1921Sea Shore Shapesfilm

1921Stealin' Homefilm

1921The Morning Afterfilm

1921Trolley Troublesfilm

1920Any Old Portfilm

1920Cash Customersfilm

1920Doing Timefilm

1920Don't Weakenfilm

1920Drink Heartyfilm

1920Fresh Paintfilm

1920Go As You Pleasefilm

1920Grab the Ghostfilm

1920Insulting the Sultanfilm

1920On ve strašidelném doměfilm

1920Park Your Carfilm

1920Run 'Em Raggedfilm

1920The Dippy Dentistfilm

1919All at Seafilm

1919Call for Mr. Cavemanfilm

1919Charlie in Turkeyfilm

1919Charlie, the Herofilm

1919Charlie, the Little Daredevilfilm

1919Count Your Changefilm

1919Crack Your Heelsfilm

1919Dutiful Dub, Thefilm

1919Heap Big Chieffilm

1919Never Touched Mefilm

1919Off the Trolleyfilm

1919On maratónským závodníkemfilm

1919On mezi lupičifilm

1919Pair of Deuces, Afilm

1919Pistols for Breakfastfilm

1919Si, Senorfilm

1919Start Somethingfilm

1919The Floor Belowfilm

1919Tight Fix, Afilm


1919Žádné strkánífilm

1918Bride and Gloomfilm

1918Dvojí únosfilm

1918Fireman Save My Childfilm

1918Follow the Crowdfilm

1918Hey There!film

1918Kicked Outfilm

1918Kicking the Germ Out of Germanyfilm

1918Let's Gofilm

1918On fotografemfilm

1918On the Jumpfilm

1918Ozark Romance, Anfilm

1918Pipe the Whiskersfilm

1918Pistolník Gussiefilm

1918Somewhere in Turkeyfilm

1918Swing Your Partnersfilm

1918Take a Chancefilm

1917All Aboardfilm


1917By the Sad Sea Wavesfilm

1917On jest nesmělýfilm

1917Step Livelyfilm

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